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New Books for 2016- 2017

Available now and brand new is DECEPTION AT GABRIEL’S TRAILS 4!

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Deceptions At Gabriel's Trails 4

When the walls are caving in, and the smell of death looms overhead, the many deceivers of Gabriel’s Trails are left to come face to face with their dead.

After a young lady determines that her own life should be spared, desperately, she makes the wrong turn, and ends up in the trails. When bodies start to fall, her own life flashes before her eyes as trust betrays her, guiding her directly into her demise.

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View previously released books by Mirika Mayo Cornelius via the categories below.

Titles are listed under each category.

Urban Fiction

  • First Degree Sins
  • Cold Blooded Goons
  • Most Wanted Felon
  • (Title not yet released, book cover finished, to release Winter 2016 or Spring 2017)
  • The Gabriel’s Trails Series 
    -Murders at Gabriel’s Trails: An Alexis & Bain Love Story
    -Murders at Gabriel’s Trails II: A Son’s Sacrifice
    -Murders at Gabriel’s Trails III: Paths of Revenge
    -Murders at Gabriel’s Trails IV: Littered Deception
    -Murders at Gabriel’s Trails V: Lies in the Crossfire
    ***Murders at Gabriel’s Trails The Complete 5 Part Collection with bonus portion of Sins of Bain*** (available paperback or digital)
    -Sins of Bain (the full, extended version)
    -Deception at Gabriel’s Trails
    -Deception at Gabriel’s Trails II
    -Deception at Gabriel’s Trails III
    -Deception at Gabriel’s Trails IV
    -Deception at Gabriel’s Trails V (Coming in October 2016)

Fiction Drama

    • The SECRET Novel Collection
      -Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence
    • Curse the Cotton
    • (Cover complete/Title not yet released to public – coming Winter 2016)


  • -Sunny Sides of My Shade
  • -(Title not yet released to public – 2017)

Fiction Romance

  • Ain’t Quite What I Thought!
  • Ain’t Quite What I Thought! 2


  • Inside the Gates of Doons
  • I Thought I Was Alone Trilogy
    -I Thought I Was Alone
    -I Thought I Was Alone 2
    -I Thought I Was Alone 3

Speculative Fiction
– Upcoming Book Release – Summer of 2018

 Cyan Deane
-Dead Man’s Mayhem
-Execution’s Karma
-Upcoming Book Release/ Book Cover Complete – Fall 2016