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4D5 Designs is your shop for home decor accessories for living, office, bedroom and kids’ spaces. Enjoy sprucing up your rooms and work spaces with both comforting and bold colors that reinvigorate the area. Layer throw pillows upon seating areas or on shelving to give the room splashes of color while there are even throw pillows for the children to enjoy.

Select your throw pillow below and purchase. (Turn your smartphones horizontally for best view.)

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Tranquil Throw Pillow

(Dark Purple and Orange)

PanAfrican Abstract Yellow Throw Pillow
PanAfrican Abstract Throw Pillow

(Red, Black, Green & Yellow)

Kids’ Unity Throw Pillow


Learn the Alphabet Throw Pillow


PanAfrican MinuteStriped Throw Pillow

(Red, Black and Green)

Kids Basketball Lover’s Throw Pillow

(Orange, White and Blue)

Learn Your Numbers Throw Pillow


Book Lovers Throw Pillow


Mocha Horizons Throw Pillow

(Black to Brown Hues)

The Lord’s PrayerThrow Pillow