Book Sales Down? Utilize Time With NEW STRATEGY!

Book Sales Down? Utilize Time With NEW STRATEGY!

Posted on by Mirika C

Every person, company and author will go through a period of drought or down time. Companies decide to lay off people when this happens to only make the economy’s structure worse. Some people fall on bad times through health scares, debt and more, thus having to regroup, relocate or just plain start over. The fact is, things happen, but during the down time, the key is to survive it and create a better or new foundation for the change of climate!

As an author, I have been to great book festivals and conferences, and then there have been those festivals and conferences that are as dry as cacti. There are days when even book sales online are down and other times when you can’t keep up with sales. This happens to every artist whether it be in music, books or movies. Sometimes, the flow just isn’t there be it from natural disaster or anything else.

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For an author, it is important to keep these things in mind as things to do during a down time to stay productive:

  • Start a new project

While there is down time, start on a new book or books! What a great way to take up the time other than concerning oneself with the slow. Think fast and create another best seller.

  • Revamp you online presence

The internet is the to go as far as your presentation to others with a website. This is why one can provide readers with a more interactive and simple website, encouraging them to read and purchase books. Having contests and giveaways always spark interest and bring customers who turn into fans.

Also, the e-book has taken off!  Kindle, ipad and more are books at the touch of a button, and the better part of it all is that e-books are less expensive.  This means more people will end up reading your book if it is made available online digitally.

  • Become more social

Social networks are a thing of the now and must have if one wants to generate fast chatter about anything. Blogs, social networks such as facebook, twitter and more have taken over as the least expensive and more effective way for anyone to make it big all over the world. The reach is tremendous, and it’s well worth all effort placed there.

In the meantime, don’t just sit at home, socialize everywhere you go.  Grocery store, malls, parties…the more people who get to know you, the greater the odds they will support you and your projects.

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