Three Must Haves To Creating The Perfect Love Making Scene!

Three Must Haves To Creating The Perfect Love Making Scene!

Posted on by Mirika C

Perfection is hard to come by, but there is only one way to create the perfect love scene in a novel.   Go ahead and forget about props and too much dialog because those two things simply just won’t do.  The ingredients for the perfect love scene in a movie can’t involve anything outside of tension…

Good Tension

We have all seen those scenes on a movie or even read about them in a book where the love sex scene starts out so overtly that it’s far too aggressive and over the top and rushed.  It the intention is just showing sex, then fine.  However, if the intention in the scene is more, you will need more time to build an emotion for the reader.   Making a love scene involves more than body, but good tension building over time, such as a brush against the body of a complete stranger or a great friend.  As a matter of fact, if done properly, one doesn’t even have to show or read the scene to get the rush from all the…

Emotional Quakes

That’s right.  Emotions are extremely powerful, and create a wave of hormones in each and every person on earth depending on the emotion they feel.  Generally, when properly placed, take time to make sure there as at least a thought or feeling of emotion that is described through every touch, whether it be a brush on the skin to a full out kiss.  The point is to place the reader right there in it because we all know making love starts far before the action of sex takes place.

Finally make sure there is a…

Great Escape

I hate Debbie Downers.  What I mean is the scene where the love making has happened and then the rest of the book is a bore, almost like the love scene was supposed to BE the book.  Huh?  Sure, climaxes happen, but the climax of a whole long story is never supposed to be just the sex scene, or the book is straight wack.  Make the love emotions scatters throughout the book, possibly escaping the room into another part of the story in another way other than the actual sex.

Bring the tension back somewhere, that same tension that got the emotional quakes going in the first place.  By doing this, the reader will be placed in the same spot without the same action emotionally, almost carrying an eager I wish they would hurry and hook up passion to go along with it!

Where there is GOOD TENSION, EMOTIONAL QUAKES and a GREAT ESCAPE when they split continuing with the tension, this not only  creates the perfect love scene but the perfect love story.

My upcoming novel Ain’t Quite What I Thought gives just the right amount of all three and then some twisted stuff in between, so be certain to purchase at its release!