FOLLOW THE LEADER Is Never the Game Any Author Should Play & Here’s Why

by Mirika C on January 23, 2017


FOLLOW THE LEADER — the game in which children look at the first person in line and do every single thing that leader does, from a flick of a finger to a nod of the head, clearly not being willing to think on their own although they can break free from the line at any point in time and make their own movements.  This, however, would mean they are out of the game…and no child wants to feel like they aren’t a part of the group…right?

This is the problem with Follow the Leader for writers and authors.  It takes breaking free from the group to stand out and succeed.

I recently shot a YouTube video on something that has started happening in the literary world at an alarming rate.  I only touched on it a little bit, but decided to go in depth with it on my blog.  It’s what I call the game of FOLLOW THE LEADER – when some writers and authors take a little childhood game once played on the playgrounds of elementary schools only to make it become master and lord over their writing careers. (Refer to the definition up top)

There is nothing worse…nothing that will kill an author’s writing career faster…than doing and writing about something that another author is doing and writing about as if playing the game Follow the Leader.  It makes for what I call copycat fiction, and it’s quite sad because the greatest item coming forth from a creator of any kind is the idea.  Sure, many people have similar ideas all over the globe, however, know the difference between being inspired and being a clear copycat.

What happens when an author begins to mimic someone else hand and foot is that they have literally accepted fifth place and less in life, making someone else their measuring stick because somewhere along the way, they haven’t measured up or felt like they are the king or queen of their own path.

Kings and Queens of literature, no matter where you look, are those authors who create paths and enjoy creating characters, scenarios and scenes that they don’t have to mimic. They understand and trust what they are all born with – a brain, thoughts, power and will – the will to be different, the will to go with their guts, and the desire to make these developing creations known.

Therefore, know that even though it’s absolutely fine to learn from others, being mentored and things of that nature, the game of do everything they do and write everything they write is way too Follow the Leader for an author or writer who wants to live their OWN full potential.  Follow the Leader only makes you live out your life and ideas always secondary to someone else’s unique potential – not your own.

Instead of playing FOLLOW THE LEADER, give yourself a break from playing games with your career and life in order to actually LIVE it and DREAM  to DEVELOP your own tale not told by fairies, but written by you and you alone.  Be your own leader.  Wear your own crown and wear it well.  Sure, it’s great to learn from others, but be very careful not to become that other person in the process.  Take the skills you have learned and build your own universe.  BE A LEADER.

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