by Mirika C on July 24, 2016


Watch this quick video, but if you want a deeper explanation for what I’m saying, read the full blog below the video.


Let’s start here (only because I’ve gotten this comment/decision before):

RANDOM PERSON:  “I’m going to start blogging, but I’m going to play it safe.”

Don’t do this. It will absolutely lead you into an endless well of water just to do one thing – drown. Have you ever tried to scream while underwater? No matter how hard you try to do it, you end up muffled, and soon, you will have to just GIVE UP. It’s the exact same thing with blogging. If you don’t have your own voice and definitely your own opinion, you will sound like a bunch of…well…regurgitated news.

Here is the point I’m trying to make, having successfully done it for years, DON’T BE AFRAID TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! (And I’m truly talking about your voice.) When I mention the word voice, I also emphasize that you must take a side or have an OPINION, unless you are solely doing a newsworthy, information-based blog that reads more like a neutral article or research paper based solely on FACT.

The most successful bloggers always have something to say about every single thing. If you don’t think so, ask one. They are constantly informed. It’s like they walk around with a headset just listening to the news, about any and everything, all day long, and when that story that makes them flip out happens, they do the only thing where they can get that release – BLOG!

Sure, that was me. Well, it sort of still is me but in a more tamed sense.  Now, unlike in the past, I put 85% of my writing energy into books and the rest into blogging and vlogging. That used to be the reverse.  Sun up to sun down I blogged.  That was the way I made 50% of my income, and that was also where I gained the skill to write about something…anything…at the drop of a dime.  (Try me.)

Therefore for everyone who has ever asked me about blogging – (and yep, I just got a load of questions last week) – I will list three very important items you need to know each and every day if you want to be a successful and/or well-known blogger.  (Side note:  Success doesn’t always mean well-known and well-known doesn’t always equal successful.  Follow me?)

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I’m listening for Rihanna, but I hear Beyonce.  I’m talking to my dad, but my mom’s voice is coming from his mouth.  Awkwaaarrrd.  Don’t make the readers of your blog feel like you have ten different writers that are doing the work for you, especially when it comes to writing an opinionated blog.  Geez, this is the worst.

Bloggers and readers meet online at the post and develop a relationship, and as in any relationship, there are expectations.  No one wants to be in a relationship not knowing from day to day who they are going to get, right?  Don’t answer.  I know.


Arguments happen.  Get good at it.  Get so good at it that you don’t get offended and keep going.  Absolutely don’t crawl under a rock and think that your blog is no longer valuable because no one likes it and always wants to combat over everything.  Do you like it?  Do you get enjoyment from it?  Well…keep blogging.  There are people out there that like what you blog about that will gladly keep you from under-rock crawling.


I can tell you right now, if you aren’t blogging about something that you are genuinely interested in, in the slightest, guess what?  Your blog will end in about say…days.  People can feel passion even on a blog.  They can tell if you really know anything about what you’re writing or if you are trying to be someone you’re absolutely just not.

Therefore, if you like houses, take photos of them and write about it.  I can guarantee you that there are at least one thousand other people who love them like you do and are interested in your blog.  Incorporate your own flair with it and little known facts, and watch…you’ll end up in blogger heaven.


If you have these three things in mind for your blog, everything else should eventually fall right into place! :-)

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