No, You Don’t Have To Already Be FAMOUS To Become a SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER

by Mirika C on January 5, 2017


For today’s blog post, I thought I’d revert back to a question I got a long time ago but never addressed it via vlog or blog and that question is:


This question makes all kind of sense, especially to those who are fascinated by bloggers however don’t exactly know anything about what makes them or it (blogs) tick.  The truth is, absolutely no one has to be famous to make loads of money, including bloggers.  I get it though.  There are some people who believe that because certain bloggers are ultra famous and super rich means that it’s the fame that draws people to their blogs.

No.  In fact, many bloggers were broke or on the way there before they became successful.  Being broke and willing to try ANYTHING is the thrust they needed to work hard to become successful.

There are tons of low key bloggers, as well as authors, who may even live right next to you…seriously…who are fine under the radar wearing dingy jeans and a brand new T-Shirt with flip flops, mowing the lawn and enjoying the sun with mud on his car tires and a broken down mailbox while making sixty to one-hundred grand a month.  It’s true.

The question is…have you ever sat back and wondered why you NEVER see them often out and about?  Because they are WORKING on their BLOGS.  SUCCESSFUL BLOGGING has nothing to do with FAME.  BLOGGING WELL has much to do with success and even making money, if that’s your aim.  FAME is mostly an aftermath.  It’ll work in your favor though if you know how to use it, or…it will destroy you.

As far as starting as a lone blogger, think of it this way — there are billions of people in the world.  Only five thousand of those people or less can get you a great salary without Hilton fame.  The key to blogging is writing what people want to read about and making that crap good!  

Honestly, most famous people don’t even do their own blogging.  They hire people like me.  A writer.  Someone who can think up something every week and go on and on about it.  Have you ever heard of these ghost writers?  Nope.  Guess what?  Nine times out of nine, they get paid and are successful at being unknown.  Believe it or not, there are some people who just blog for fun, and they have just as big a following as anyone else.

Back to your blog though and the money thing.  Say you got one hundred to five hundred people coming religiously to your blog, depending on what type of blog you have, you should at this point be making some sort of money.  If not, ummm…something is dead wrong.  Are you MONEY READY?  Do you have great placement for your ads?  Are you keeping your reader’s attention or are they just clicking and leaving?  Audience retention is great blog support.  I know.  When I blogged full-time, I retained many.

Most people don’t want you to work for nothing.  People appreciate all you do, therefore, they will support you without your asking or begging.  Who wants to work for free?  As a matter of fact, if the information you provide is really desired, they don’t want you to stop bringing it to them because you aren’t making enough money to keep the freaking lights on.  So they will donate or if an ad is up that they are interested in, they will click on it.  That will pay you.  In all actuality, devoted readers will send you gifts through the mail!  Yeah, it’s true.  You will even get invites to great events.  Why?  Because people value your input aka your blog.  Guess what else?  You may not even be “Bill Gates FAMOUS” but you’re worth the investment to them just like they are worth the investment to you.

So to answer the question of if FAME before GOOD MONEY go hand in hand with blogging.  No, not necessarily.  GREAT CONTENT and AUDIENCE RETENTION make for BLOGGING SUCCESS.  Good money…well…that’s a different amount for everyone, so the best thing is to not even look at that at first.  Just do your best blogging and it will pay off…and it may eventually end up making you famous.

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