Q & A BLOGGING BASICS: How To Generate Income & Run a Successful Blog

by Mirika C on January 2, 2017


Most people already know that for about 5 to 8 years, I blogged heavily, and when I say blogged heavily, I mean full-time, over 20 articles a day, celebrity blogging.  I also had and still have other blogs, however, those blogs aren’t updated everyday as was my celebrity blogs.

That being stated, I enjoyed and still enjoy doing it.  The reason I stopped celebrity blogging was not because the revenue wasn’t coming in (because it definitely was), but because I became exhausted and sort of more stressed than what I needed for my own health. Therefore, I changed gears and decided to go a less stressful route when it comes to blogging while focusing more on literature which I absolutely love!

This leads me into a question I’ve decided to feature on blogging that I received from a wonderful young lady.  I’ve blurred out identity, but as you can see up top, I got the question on New Year’s Day.  It’s concerning her interest in blogging and ecommerce, basically earning either passive(part-time) or aggressive full-time income.

  • The first thing that I can advise anyone considering blogging is that money doesn’t necessarily come overnight, however, give it six months to a year.  By then, your blog should at least be earning passive income easily.
  • Next, blog about what you love and know.  If you have no idea about celebrities and couldn’t honestly care less, don’t pretend to know what you’re talking about by rehashing what the next blogger has already stated.  Know and continue learning about your craft, or your topic of interest, so much so that you make everyone else interested as well.  Your goal in blogging is to feed your audience.
  • Third, be yourself and be comfortable with being who you are.  Not everyone will like you or your blog.  So what.  Be yourself anyway.  All bloggers need this confidence in order to survive.
  • Forth, be short and to the point.  Blogging isn’t like writing a full out book.  Speak simply and short because sites are generally read on the go, so be quick to deliver but with a strong delivery.
  • Also, even though you want to hook with a great headline, be certain that the headline is true to the article.  People hate being fooled into clicking on a article that has absolutely nothing to do with the title at all.  It’s a turn off.
  • Sixth, social media better be your best friend … like yesterday.  If you are blogging, your whole entire marketing strategy is online.  Period. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  Find what works best for your blog and use it.
  • Last but not least, be careful with photos.  Don’t think because it’s online that you can just snatch up a photo.  Copyright laws will shut your blog down faster than a power outage.  If you are going to use pics, be sure to have the right to use it, or a lawsuit is in the near future.

Wait…there’s one more thing…


Quite often people ask me how I made actually dinero by blogging.  I used Adsense and other ads (private or through other places similar to Adsense or affiliate ads) to pay me.  Adsense was my main source, however.  Even better, if you are a blogger with a PRODUCT that interests your readers, there ya go!  Keep an open mind when it comes to generating income online.  I personally like “neat” ads when I used them while blogging, and by neat I mean not flying all over the place interfering with my reader’s experience.  However, that’s your call for your blog because you are the boss.


Those are just some tid bits of information that I ended up sharing with her, so if you are thinking of giving blogging a try, remember these rules.  :-)  Success will hopefully come!

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