Why All Stories Need An SQC, or Story Quality Check

by admin on June 8, 2017

I’ve been writing stories for over ten years, and one of the items that I know needs to be done with any story that I write, whether short or long, is something that I call the Story Quality Check. The reason for the SQC is that many things can go overlooked or unnoticed until after publication, and by then, it could be too late.

What I mean by SQC is not grammatical errors, but instead the overall feel of the book. For instance, does the story evoke a certain specific emotion per scene or character or is the story consistent throughout. These are the particulars that could make or break a story.

I’ve done a video about it to go into detail, so if you are an author who has failed to perform an SQC on your book, self-published or not, learn what to look for and how to go about it now in the YouTube video below as these are many of the things I check off for story quality before I publish. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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