5 Reasons Why READING Is RELEVANT To Your Overall WELL-BEING

5 Reasons Why READING Is RELEVANT To Your Overall WELL-BEING

Posted on by Mirika C

Reading is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do for your mind. Besides the creation of a book, actually reading the book and allowing your mind to wander does more than just what you see in black and white. Therefore, if you’re feeling sluggish about picking up a book and would rather watch television or a movie, here are some great things you could be missing out on in between the lines!

1. Relaxation… Period.

It’s already been proven time and time again that we live in an age of stress, and what does stress do in a nutshell.  It kills.  Who wants to constantly bombard their body with death slowly when you really and truly don’t have to do so?

There is a constant strain on the body from the time you get up and get ready to go to work until just about the time you go night night.  Just when you think you can wind down, you really can’t because you don’t have a book in hand.

Reading yourself into relaxation is one of the more perfect things you can do for yourself.  There isn’t the tension of sitting at the computer desk, which gives your shoulders and back a break.  There is also something that you may not have known that reading is great for as well…

2.  Better Conversationalist

Did you know that reading daily, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, has the ability to make you a better conversationalist because you will not only exercise your mind reading conversations and circumstances, but without realizing it, you will gain a more advanced ability to carry a clearer and more concise conversation, on paper or aloud?  Your vocabulary will expand something like…through the roof. Not only that but…

3.  Thinker

Don’t think you have great analytical skills, or believe you may be a slight bit slow when it comes to creating stories or just writing in general?  Reading will help you with all of these things by delivering various perspectives which you will end up learning from solely by reading for the enjoyment of it all.  Honestly, just like a jogger gets a jogger’s high, you will begin to feel just like that once you start reading.  It’s hard to just stop.

4. Speedier Information Intake and Output

Readers tend to understand things and complete reading tasks faster than those who don’t because their comprehension is off the charts.  This is extremely beneficial to students where comprehension is key to testing.  The more anyone reads, the easier blocks of information are to comprehend and the faster the assignment can be completed, and this comes with reading fiction or non.

Those who can manage gobs of information and know how to deal with it analytically and creatively tend to make awesome entrepreneurs and corporation heads, and we can’t forget those in the entertainment industry behind the scenes like screenwriters or authors.  Some of the best movies we visualize on television and at the theaters are first written creatively by us writers. Without building the ability to think under pressure, some television shows wouldn’t even be right now.  Take Scandal for instance.  Those writers really work!

5. Knowledge

Finally, reading brings on the knowledge.  You can’t possibly believe you know everything or anything without first picking up a book and reading.  History to even your future is all caught up in a book.  (Yes, I said future.  The Bible is proven the most prophetic book ever written.  Every prophecy has come true and will.  It hasn’t missed a beat.)

Some people go through life without reading, and end up finding out things that they wish they’d learned…but they were waiting on someone to TEACH them instead of LEARNING it all on their own.  Things like investing or traveling are things that aren’t taught much, but one can learn about it easily by picking up a book, thus gaining a heads up on everyone else.


And that’s it!  Those are just some of the items that make reading fundamental and can make your a powerhouse both in the comforts of your home and at work where it counts in your career.  Reading really is power.  (And who doesn’t want mental muscle?)

–Mirika C

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