America’s Mass Production of a Society of Stereotypes, Injustice and Mentally Abused Americans

by Mirika C on February 17, 2014


Mirika Mayo CorneliusAmerica’s Mass Production of a Society of Stereotypes, Injustice and Mentally Abused Americans.

Suppose children grew up in a families that cursed them from birth, hit them with whips until they bleed, forced them to watch murders, brainwashed them with lies, and insulted the truth when it doesn’t support hatred, put them in cars and then set them on fire, locked them in closets for having eating with other races at lunch room tables, hung them from trees for reading and writing instead of choosing to be ignorant, and even spitting in their faces for loving someone of another race or culture. Would this be considered child abuse? Would this be cause for prosecution in the courts of law? Would the department of social services attempt to strip these children from their families do to the mental, emotional and physical strain placed on them?  Would this not perpetuate serious problems in these children for years to come?

The answer is yes. America has cultivated a free society, however, with this free society (which wasn’t always free for all), it has failed miserably to correct the brokenness of the justice system and its people. America may be free, but just, it isn’t, and as a proud American, I have no problem looking at this for what it is, especially when in the news we have African American children getting killed while killers are found not guilty. Is this not what constantly happened less than one hundred years ago already? Why hasn’t America solved this problem? The real question is CAN America or Americans as a whole rectify this situation?

The answer is maybe not. The fact is that America has raised a society of people, black and white, that have been mentally abused. African Americans, who were in the past called Negroes, were ripped to shreds mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, while Caucasian Americans were bred for hatred, taught lies and frankly raised to think themselves more important than anyone else while promoting fear and not friendship and love. The past has proven this. This isn’t an opinion. One race/culture was forced to tolerate and be abused while the other race/culture was forced to abuse and rationalize it as a job well done. Thus it is fair to say that both cultures of people have been thrown into instability by no fault of their own presently. What will it take to make everyone start fresh and new? God’s miracle.

From the media to the news, to sports to schools, racism is everywhere, and it dares us to try and destroy it. American children and adults have yet to overcome the post traumatic stress placed on us. Under God, we are the human race, however, in a society with plans to strip this common and basic principle from every form of life, there will be no answer. People are TAUGHT racism and stereotypes. No person is better than another based off of the color of their skin. Sure, there is diversity in the things that each culture of people are generally skilled with, however, this should bring is closer together, not further apart. Fashion is also different, along with hair styles and much more. The true person is not on the outside, but in the heart and mind.

America has and is continuing to make strides, however. One of the biggest is that President Barack Obama is named the first president of African and Caucasian descent, which makes him the very first African American president of the United States of America. African Americans have been able to achieve more than what the history books can or will even make mention of at all, including the facts about how many of their inventions or creations were stolen while credit was given to a Caucasian. It’s deception like this that continues to enrage Americans that desperately need and want to know the truth. (Yes, surprise! African Americans, Native Americans, Caucasian Americans and Latino Americans as well as mixed Americans are very smart and talented.) It is the TRUTH about everything, no matter how ugly, that will heal society.

The truth is that African Americans can, will and have already done more than what is known. The truth is that African Americans aren’t thugs, evil or castaways. The simple, digestible truth is that it wasn’t the African American who was hanging people, whipping people to death, stripping kids from their families, and taking over whole countries while killing the rightful inhabitants in the name of because WE WANT IT. The truth is that the mental abuse and lies that Caucasian Americans have been taught about African Americans must be dealt with just as fast as the trauma the African American people have had to endure.

From the Trayvon Martin killing by the set free George Zimmerman because he was supposedly “scared” of an unarmed black teen and again with Michael Dunn opening fire on four unarmed black teens in a jeep in the name of “fear” and almost getting off with it. Does this not say that America has a problem? Emmett Till was lynched for whistling at a white woman. He was just a boy and white people of that day believe it was a just lynching. Something is wrong and America knows what it is…they just choose to block it out.  There is TRAUMA in America thanks to the founding “fathers”.  Now it’s time for us to show them how it should have been done…with love.

That being stated, I am very proud to be an American because I am one American that doesn’t have a racist bone in her body.  I just love the truth because as Jesus says, it makes us FREE.

To my heavenly Father, I ask Him to help us all.

— Mirika Mayo Cornelius

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