An Author’s Book Cover – Does It Really Matter?

by Mirika C on July 19, 2013


Authors around the world have come to the task of choosing or creating their own book cover.  Some go for the flash and others for the simple.  Others try the elegant route while there are some authors that have a feel for a more grunge hard look.  The main thing is, authors need book covers that match and are attractive to the audience they are pursuing.

For each genre, there is a standard.  For the romance, there is a vibe one always wants on the cover.  For dramas, urban, and even sci fi, the author wants to be able to engage readers, especially in this world of online publishing, through more than just the synopsis, but the cover as well.  The going truth is that there is more to a book than its cover.  The going lie is that no one is judging a book by the cover.  The fact is that many people, not all, do judge a book by the cover.  Readers who tend to take down several books in a month have probably come to the realization that a cover means nothing because a great story can have an awful cover, while a super cover can have an awful story.  However, there are those readers who won’t even pick up a book unless it looks fantastic as far as the artwork.

Therefore, the book cover does matter.  I love Hondas, and I could care less how much money I have, I will always purchase one.  Why?  Because it not only LOOKS great to me, but it OPERATES well from the inside.   That beings stated, all authors should give it their all when not only writing a great story, but having an awesome cover to seal the deal at first sight.

Murders at Gabriels Trails fb cover
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