by Mirika C on November 4, 2013


As all my readers know, I’m working on some extra special stories coming for the year 2014.  You all have supported me through all my new 2013 releases such as Murders at Gabriel’s Trails, Ain’t Quite What I Thought Parts 1&2 and even the re-release of my first books ever  – Secret and Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence.  It is with great humbleness that I say THANK YOU!

Before the year is up, I will release Inside the Gates of Doons, and really soon, I will have a synopsis up for you all.  Now, this is a horror, but it’s horror my way aka the way you’ll hopefully like it! LOL!  I am writing a story that will knock your socks completely off, and I am really pushing it for this winter.  Pray for me now, because I really want to get this done, edited and out before the new year rolls around.

Here is what I would love for everyone who has personally told me great things, made posts and shouted out my books, to continue shouting them out!  Christmas is coming, and even though it isn’t all about the gifts, GIFT the ones you love my books anyway on their tablets or order a your favorite one of my books for them in paperback.

For those of you who have fallen in love with Murders at Gabriel’s Trails – WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR!!  If you think you’ve read it all, no brothers and sisters, you haven’t at all!  There is much more that I’m bringing that will blow you away!  I will also bring some super, stand alone stories that will definitely be here for the first quarter, Lord’s will.  I’ve been a writing nut, so crack the books when I say WHEN!

One more thing, before I go, my books are on iTunes (iBooks) now, so go and get them now!!

Love you all!

Mirika C

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