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When a woman is scorned by a foolish husband and a reckless mistress, things lead down a chaotic path in only 24 hours, especially when cops, drug money and desperation deliver Lisa Caldwell into an unhealthy dose of FIRST DEGREE SINS, with no way to turn back the hands of time!



First Degree Sins



“Come on in here, girl.”

“Stop playing, Robert,” she flirts as he takes her by the waist and pulls her inside the house. There is a candlelight on the dining room table with the fresh scent of flowers as well as a full dinner waiting. After closing the door behind her, he escorts her over to the table that is completely set, pulls her chair out and is sure she is comfortable when she takes her seat in front of her T-bone steak, steamed vegetables, baked potato and rice with a glass of expensive wine.

“I prepared this all for you, sweetheart.” He kneels down at her feet and stares into her eyes. “You’re special to me, and I know that I haven’t taken it where I need to take it. I just want you know that I will.” He places his hand on hers and rubs her ring finger. “One day, it’s going to be me and you.”
“Only me and you?” she smiles.

“Come here.” He leans in to his girlfriend’s face and gives her a warm, loving kiss on the lips. She smiles and takes it all in as she begins to cry from becoming so overwhelmed with desire for the one and only man she loves.

Robert then pulls back and welcomes her to eat as he sits next to her. They both enjoy the food, romance, and joy that comes with the night. By the time they finish eating, the clock strikes eleven, and they migrate their naked bodies to his bedroom.

They can’t keep their hands off one another as they get tangled up in the clothing that drops to the floor as they stumble to the bed. Behaving like two wild animals, they rush each other into the entertainment of their lives. There is a stereo adjacent to the king sized bed that is layered in red satin sheets, and when they fall onto the slippery place of rest, relaxation and sex, he reaches over and presses play, already having the songs set for the night. One of their favorites start the playlist – Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye – and they get it on up through the early hour of two o’clock in the morning. This is when the front door unlocks.

The music has already stopped playing when a woman with a black eye walks inside the house. She sits her purse down at the door and simply stands there eyeballing the dinner she made for her man at seven o’clock in the evening. The candlelight is completely melted down, and the T-Bone steaks that she made for the both of them are completely demolished. As she approaches to get a closer look, she notices a woman’s clutch tilted at the leg of the dining room chair. Along with that, as she turns toward the noise coming from the bedroom, she spots different clothing items scattered about from where she stands to the beginning of the hallway.

As she glances back at the window, she notices the blinds are wide open. The street is quiet, and although she just came into the house, she isn’t aware of the time. Therefore, she looks at the clock which reads five minutes after two o’clock in the morning. A tear falls from her black eye, and she walks over slowly to close the living room blinds.

Suddenly, she hears her friend’s puppy, Smack, hungry and needing some water, so she walks over and dumps the food into the bowl and fills the water bowl beside it. Assuming that the puppy is satisfied, she washes her hands and opens the utensil drawer to pull out a knife, the biggest one she has. From there, she opens the single car garage door to see if another car is inside besides the silver one. There isn’t. Robert’s car is unusually parked on the street in front of the house while she has already parked her car in the back, behind the house.

She hears more noise coming from the back room, therefore, she continues to move pass Smack who is messing over the dog food in her hunger, and enters the hallway where she hears the sound of a woman’s giggle from inside her bedroom. She wipes the tears from her injured face as she steps in front of the cracked bedroom door. There they are.

Her husband Robert is holding a woman in his arms, the way he would hold her when he wasn’t beating and chasing her out of the house. As she stands there and watches, her heart begins to crumble, but for some reason, it won’t stop beating. Therefore, she continues into the room quietly as she watches them caress and kiss one another inside the satin sheets that she purchased only four months ago. It was for Valentine’s Day.

She walks up to them both, and they are so consumed with one another in the darkness that they don’t even see her although she stands directly inside the light that enters the window from a huge night light that is located at the back of the neighbor’s house. When she walks closer to the bed, so close that her knees touch the mattress, she inspects how her husband Robert is cradling his girlfriend. The woman is settled comfortably in his groin area as his arms are wrapped around her. Both their eyes are completely shut, but they are still awake because they are whispering to one another. Robert’s back is turned toward his wife as she listens to him tell the woman lying in the bed with him the worst thing that she could possibly hear – I love you.

That’s enough. She grips the knife tightly, her tears completely dried up, reaches over the both of them and slits the woman’s throat from one end to the other as she lies there unprotected by her husband. Blood streams everywhere, and Robert lets go of his girlfriend only to stare back into the desperately insane and enraged eyes of his wife that he beat up hours ago. Within seconds as the woman’s naked body flips over to try and save her own life, Robert glances at her struggle but then panics as his own wife stands over him without saying a word. The knife says it all. He then jumps his naked body off of the bed, but doesn’t make it completely off before his young, thirty year old wife digs the knife into his side, retrieves it and then stabs him again in his back.

Robert doesn’t fall. He only stumbles as he reaches for a wall to hold himself up, but his wife trips him up with her foot, causing him to bust his face against the edge of the doorway. She smirks, but doesn’t utter a sound, thinking about all the food she cooked for him hours ago, the way she cleans up constantly so that he can come home to a real home, the way she consistently tried to get pregnant, run his bath water, iron his clothes and even do without so that he can do with. Finally, as she watches him mop the hallway’s hardwoods with his own flesh and blood in an attempt to escape, she figures that the only way she can get her life back is to take his away. By the time Robert makes it beyond the living room screaming for help, she walks up to him as the puppy Smack begins to lick his face in the kitchen. She then stabs him once more in the back of the neck.

Smack continues to lick him until Lisa, Robert’s wife, picks the puppy up to place her in a back room. Then, Lisa takes a seat at the dining room table to feast on the leftovers from her well cooked meal.




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