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They say blood is thicker than water, but how far are you willing to go when blood puts your life on the line?

Jack and Lukewarm have always been bound by blood, but when Lukewarm gets Jack involved in his next scheme for riches without giving him any details other than telling him that no one will die, Jack must then choose between being down with his blood or ditching this deadly dilemma before it’s too late!

Cold Blooded Goons is the unknown and untold back story of the character named Jack from the pages of the novel First Degree Sins.


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“Put your hands up, and shut that damn door!” Lukewarm glanced quickly to Jack and then back at the man, woman and terrified child that sat there hugged up to his mother on what looked and smelled like a brand new couch.

Jack had already moved toward the backdoor that was wide open as Lukewarm had his pistol aimed directly at the biggest threat in the house – the husband. As soon as Jack shut the door, he turned back to watch as Lukewarm shouted in the husband’s face while his hands were up in the air. Quickly, Jack got back into position with his pistol on the woman. In his mind, he was counting to one hundred because that was about how long he wanted them to be in the house, collect what they wanted and then leave.

“Let’s move, man. I’m at thirty,” Jack said to Lukewarm, but for some reason Lukewarm didn’t hear him. Instead, he had a grin on his face that wouldn’t wipe away no matter how many times Jack spoke. “Hey, man, let’s go!” Even though Jack expected Lukewarm to take over, he ended up controlling everything that happened in the house.

Staring at the woman, Jack ordered, “Get up slowly, take off your jewelry and then go get your husband’s off his body. Leave your son right there. Do what I say, and you won’t get hurt at all.” The woman started moving quickly toward her husband as he already removed his ring and watch while Jack continued to talk. “After you put all that jewelry on the floor in front of that man right there,” he continued referring to Lukewarm, “find his wallet and toss it on the floor. Don’t go near your purse. I’ll grab that myself. Everyone then get on the floor and count to one hundred…because my one hundred is up.” The woman followed his every order while he rushed over to her purse, only to tuck it underneath his shirt and head for the door. “Let’s go, man,” he called for Lukewarm, but he didn’t move. Jack impatiently walked over to him and forcefully grabbed his shoulder. “Man, I said let’s walk!”

“Look at his ass, man,” Lukewarm started in a slight giggle. “He can’t so shit but hold his hands up while his wife gives his whole life away.” Then, he walked over to the man to stand only two feet away from him. “Is this what you let two men with guns come in here and do to you and your family? You punk out?” He started laughing, and Jack suddenly felt like giving everything back and running out of the house.

“Man, cut it out, and let’s go!” Jack hollered again as the child started crying.

“You a punk like your daddy? I’m talking to you, boy,” Lukewarm stated, suddenly and for no reason pointing the pistol at the young child who threw his hands over his face and called for his mother. This caused chaos in a house that Jack had under complete control. The mother lunged toward her son to protect him from a bullet, and in a split second, the man that Lukewarm considered a punk, dove on top of him, grabbing the gun…that incidentally let out a bullet.

Jack dropped everything that he’d secured inside his hand to the floor, stunned that there was a bullet in Lukewarm’s pistol. As he watched his cousin struggle with the man of the house, he immediately snapped out of his daze, and struck the man with the back of his gun twice over the head. He continued to strike the man until he fell to the floor, moaning in agony.

When Jack looked back up, Lukewarm was grabbing all the money and rings that fell to the floor, and when he looked over at the woman and child, he immediately felt sorry. The only image he could see was the possibility of the boy getting killed. The bullet coming out of the chamber wasn’t supposed to happen.

Lukewarm took off out the door and Jack ran behind him. As his feet hit the pavement, he watched as Lukewarm jumped through the gate while dropping the wallet on the way through. He rushed to snatch it from the ground while not understanding why Lukewarm was behaving so irrationally, as if they couldn’t get locked up for a long time behind a home invasion, much less shooting a gun in the process that could have killed someone. It was then and only then that he knew Lukewarm wasn’t dealing with a full deck, and he wanted no parts of his antics anymore.

“Man, what the hell was that?” he shouted at Lukewarm as he watched him fall on the couch along with all the money and jewelry once he entered the house.

“What the hell was what?” Lukewarm repeated the question that Jack asked him, confused at Jack’s obvious irritation. “We did that shit, man. Thanks, blood. That’s why you my right hand man, though. I knew you had it in you.”

Jack walked over to him and knocked everything from his hand. “Man, you aimed a gun at a kid! And it was fuckin’ loaded! What’s wrong with you? I told you to put the bullets in your pocket. There wasn’t any need for any bullets, and that was obvious with that child in there. Those wasn’t no gangsters. That was a real family!”

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