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Inside the Gates of Doons copy
When five friends head off on the trip of their lifetimes, terror strikes, cutting the start of their adventurous vacation into a full blown deadly nightmare!

Completely stranded with nowhere to turn for help, these five friends end up fighting for their lives once they enter the darkness, destruction and death lurking inside the Gates of Doons when they are stalked and hunted down by a relentless evil that thirsts for their fear and blood!

Will they escape, or will death corner them lifeless INSIDE THE GATES OF DOONS?



“We just need to pull in here because we don’t know what’s out there on the road. After the rain stops, we’ll change the tire and head out. No big thing, man. Chill.” Roscoe is obviously getting irritated with Pierre’s whining and everyone else appears to be a bit ticked as well. Pierre has always been very particular, and when he’s under stress, he likes to have every T crossed. This is one of those moments.

“Is it someone’s residence? We can’t just pull up into someone’s home, change a tire on their property like it’s all good.”

Levi looks back through the rear view mirror at Pierre who is still anxiously awaiting an answer to what he feels is a very valid question. “Peanuts,” he pauses, “when we pull up to the house or community back here, then we will figure all that out. Bottom line is that we can’t go far with this wheel, and unless you want to walk back home in the rain, shut the hell up and grow some balls, man.”

“Alright,” Pierre nods his head but in a great deal of disgust, ready to confront Levi for continuing to bully him. “Alright, keep it up. I’m tired of your crap, Levi, so keep it up.”

Roscoe puts his hand up slightly as to calm Pierre down while he checks out the landscape around them. So far, there’s nothing to be seen but trees, trees and more trees as the lights from the Expedition are on high beam. There are gaps in between the leaning trees of about six feet, but besides the road that they are driving down, there are no signs that any residence even exists until Roscoe finally spots it as Levi turns carefully with the curve, beyond a mountain of unkept bushes and vines.

Levi drives slowly around a downed tree that lays near the center of the dirt road, and once he clears it, there are three homes, two story homes that sit side by side cul-de-sac style, but each one of them appear abandoned. As everyone strains to look around in the dismal weather, Levi cautiously pulls to a stop dead center all three of the run down looking homes.

“It doesn’t look like anyone lives here, people,” Levi sighs. “What do you think? I don’t see any cars or signs of people who really care about their lives over here,” he asks, glancing over at Séa who is busy debating about what she sees through the rain.

“It looks old and nearly rotted out. No one can possibly live here on a continual basis. There’s absolutely no way. You think we should go knock just in case?” She stares backwards at the others who are obviously wondering what to do next. “Well? What do you guys think? Should we go ring a bell or something because I can’t get any signal on my phone, and the only form of communication we have right now with this blown tire is to physically walk and talk. I don’t want us to get attacked for trespassing or anything.”

“It looks like we got no choice, Séa,” Maria replies, with an uneasy appearance to her face. “There’s something weird about this place though…like I know it from somewhere.”

“It’s called déjà vous. Every human being alive has it at one point or another, so don’t get your suspicious ass all up in arms about nothing. Roscoe, you coming, man? Pierre, hit up the house on the end.”

“You don’t wanna wait until this rain stops?” Pierre asks. Then, everyone glances at him with a blank stare. “What?” he asks defensively as Maria grabs his hand to emphasize that now isn’t the time for his dramatics, but he continues to talk. “If you ask me, I would’ve taken my chances on the side of the road.”

“Pierre, just go. We just need to be sure we aren’t on private property just like you said, remember? Would you like people to pull up in your yard and change a tire?” Pierre doesn’t respond, so Maria continues. “Just go already, geesh.”

“Don’t say shit, Levi. I was just saying. The rain may stop soon is all, but I got you. My bad,” he complains apologetically for acting like a wimp as he opens the door and steps out of the vehicle with a shirtless Roscoe to follow. Levi then hops out of the driver’s seat, leaving Maria and Séa inside. Maria continues to kiss the locket hanging from her necklace, apprehensive about the whole journey thus far.

“Why are you so scared acting, Maria? Things are fine. Levi is right. You’re just too superstitious, girl!” she explains, tossing a pack of ketchup directly at her. “Look at the way those houses look in the dark. Imagine what they look like in the day. Trust…no one lives here. This place has to be abandoned.”

“No one’s scared, Séa. I just don’t like to feel familiar with a place when I don’t know why I feel familiar with it is all. That spooks me out, but it doesn’t scare me. There’s a difference.” She answers, continuing to peer out through the rain that is still coming down heavily while the debris flies by in the distance. “Is there a tornado or something coming out here? This wind is no joke.” Then she squints to get some sign from the sky but sees nothing. “I’m not trying to be sucked up in a damn cloud.”

Séa turns to watch the guys outside as they wait on a response, each one at a different front door. When she turns back to Levi, she notices that he’s no longer standing outside on the porch.

“Crap, Maria,” she says, leaning over closer to the windshield and speeding up the windshield wipers. “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”

“What?” Maria jumps to the front seat quickly, landing on the driver’s side.

“It’s damn Levi. He’s not on the porch,” she responds, lifting her shirt over her hair, preparing to make a run for it outside. “I think his dumb ass went in. That’s all we need right now is him getting a charge for doing something that appears like a home invasion when in reality, it’s his dumb butt being silly again.”

“He took his gun?”

Séa rolls her eyes in disbelief that Maria doesn’t know Levi a bit better than to not tote his firearm, especially in the middle of only God knows where. “He never leaves home without it, and we are far away from his house right now. Check beneath the seat.”

Maria rubs her hand underneath the bottom of the driver’s seat, and she feels no gun. “Oh no, Séa.”

“Oh yeah. Let’s hope I’m right about this place being abandoned. Just because it looks empty doesn’t mean it is empty because if it’s not, we’re all about to spend time in prison for absolutely nothing.” Séa jumps from the SUV, and a hesitant Maria follows behind after removing the keys from the ignition. The rain beats atop their heads as they fail to dodge the downpour no matter how fast they run, and as soon as they reach the porch’s covering, they let out a sigh of relief.

“Levi!” Séa calls as she now notices that the house is completely empty besides some old unused furniture, but her boyfriend is nowhere to be seen from where she’s standing. Maria reaches out to grab Séa’s arm when she notices that Séa is about to cross the threshold.

“No, stupid! Don’t just follow Levi blindly! What’s wrong with you?”

“Girl, he has to come up out of there. He’s probably getting into something else that will potentially ruin our vacation, Maria.” She removes her arm from Maria’s grasp and continues, “Think about it? When hasn’t Levi been the one to ruin a party?”

“Now that you say that…” she states, tossing her long, wet hair to the side to ring it out.

Roscoe runs up underneath the porch with Séa and Maria while Pierre ends up in a frustrated stroll back to the SUV, not trying to fight the rain at all. Roscoe calls out, “Hey, Pierre, over here, man. Let’s go up in here until this storm is over.”

“So all the houses are empty, huh?” Maria asks.

“Yeah, baby,” he answers, making Maria melt inside, although he didn’t mean anything by it. He calls all the females he’s familiar with baby, but Maria takes it as an exclusive flirt. “What are we standing out here for?”

“Maria wouldn’t let me go in after Levi. She’s scared.”

“Let’s go,” Roscoe commands, leading the way as his footsteps create more wet prints over the ones left by Levi. Pierre hops onto the porch, the last one in the house, shutting the heavy, wooden door behind him as Maria and Séa ease slowly inside.




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