Brand New Book Release – I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE 2! Download Now!

by Mirika C on May 26, 2015


Life changes in the blink of an eye, and just when you think you’re safe, you’re really not.

I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE 2 is now released, and of course, is part two of the highly successful I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE! There’s nothing like that college experience because it’s a new life and a fresh start while at the same time becoming an adult…until life is turned upside down.


I enjoyed writing I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE, and I’m even happier to say that I loved writing and completing I THOUGHT I WAS ALONE 2. The story line is exceptional and unpredictable, and I know if you enjoyed the first book, the second one will floor you!  It’s filled with surprises, so if you haven’t downloaded already, do so.


When you’re out with your friends, he’s watching you.
When you’re asleep, he’s watching you.
When you’re alone, he’s there.

Ayana has just arrived to college and is on top of the world, but something just isn’t right. She feels like someone is stalking her, watching her, waiting to attack her. Then she finds out that… she’s right!

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