Catch Up With Craisins…

by Mirika C on April 3, 2012


So I’ve been hustling hard on every one of my projects, thus, a brain on overload!  Thank God for His grace because without Him I wouldn’t be able to do ALL things, and trust me, I really feel like I’m doing ALL things right now.

This week, I started the Ain’t Quite What I Thought T-shirt line, based off the characters in my book and the book itself.   Each one of the slogans on the shirts originate from my characters, and once the book is read, the tees come to life!  During that creation, I found myself creating a totally different fashion line which I can’t wait to share with you guys and girls.  It took literally one whole day just to get the idea grounded, website bought, logos, brand and the whole nine done.  I work pretty fast alone, again by God’s grace, therefore, hope everyone likes my new fashion line.

This is why I am eating Trail Mix – Crasins Trail Mix to be exact.  A woman can pile on the pounds if sitting around designing, typing and working in a chair, therefore, without the right snacks, the gut will gain.  Due to the fact that I have plenty to do this summer, I don’t want that at all as it won’t fit with my overall build.

Ain’t Quite What I Thought is coming soon, and I learned my lesson about nailing a date down to suddenly have a change of heart.  This is why I say soon because until I feel the book in my hands, soon is the release date this year.  Check Mirika C Designs for the Ain’t Quite What I Thought collection of tees, and then make your purchase!

Also be sure to LIKE Jeena Delilah Ray on Facebook, the star character of Ain’t Quite What I Thought.  She’s full of fire, and it’s always good to get to know the real before the read.

I’m out…


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