Change Your Atmosphere For The Better

by Mirika C on May 18, 2013


Changing your atmosphere doesn’t always mean relocating your own physical body, but instead, it could also mean changing the conversations and the direction of the people that tend to congregate around or associate with you.

In other words, place everyone in their proper place in your life and mind, with love in words and actions, so that your atmosphere will be in order, less tense, more valuable and renewed while staying on your destined path.  This type of focused and faithful freedom will then rub off on others.

Remember Jesus never left Israel after He returned from Egypt with Mary and Joseph as a child. When He got back, He transformed it, and then the whole world, by changing the atmosphere and the people around Him — AND HE NEVER LEFT.  His path remained toward the cross for our sins.

-Mirika Mayo Cornelius


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