CHARACTER PROMOS: Why I Make Them And Love To Show Them Off!

by Mirika C on January 29, 2016


I Thought I Was Alone Book Series

Characters.  They are one of the foundations of any great book, and because of this, I absolutely adore them.  As an author of novels, novellas andCREED of I Thought I Was Alone (character promo) short stories, when I sit to write any story, my characters crowd around.  Seriously, they do, and no, I’m not crazy by any means, but if my characters aren’t alive for me, how on earth can they be alive for my readers?

My characters, I have gotten to know, like Secret from The Secret Novel Collection who goes on a desperate search for her past while fighting with her present, and on to the infamous Paton of that same novel trilogy who begins a man and becomes mentally  a worn and broken crazed individual, to the guy you see at the right named Creed of I Thought I Was Alone to even the man named Clive of Dead Man’s Mayhem who goes from 0 to 100 with rage that is literally rooted in life and death.

There is one thing I love to do with all my characters, from the lesser to the greater, and that is show them off inside the book and in character promos.  I use colors that dictate the time and mood, and I love to find a particular appearance to better introduce them to my reader because, even though there are never overly detailed depictions of them from inside my stories, there is nothing better than to see nearly exactly who the author sees when he or she is writing the project.

Gin of the book Sins of BainSure, I love to give my readers full range with their own imaginations, however, it feels good to show what’s also inside my head upon character creation.  For instance, when it comes to my character named Gin in the novella Sins of Bain, this is one of my favorites because of her complexity.  Not only is she a prostitute but death follows her no matter how hard she loves.  There is really this dark cloud that hovers over her, night in and night out, and atop all that darkness, she lives in the worst neighborhood around – Gabriel’s Trails.

In the promo, I use shadows to cast either evil, sorrow and edge on her look while the cigarette represents itself, bad for you yet still doing it.  The brick wall represents what her life is up against, no way out, but she pretends to be confident and secure.   I can go on and on with this character promo, but you get the point.

Every part of my character promos, whether just a face or a face with background, they translate my thoughts, and these are the biggest uses for my character promos

  1. They speak visually to the audience. 
  2. They are also useful to grab the attention of potential readers.
  3. Character promos are what I call the first cousins to the book covers.  They expand the family, or the books’ stories.

I love it.  I love creating them, and most of all, I love giving them to the readers because everyone has a favorite character just like they have a favorite author!  Be sure to click on one of these promos and download/order a paperback of each book!  :-)

Urban Fiction by Mirika Mayo Cornelius






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