Children Made Into Killers…Clip of a Child Soldier

by Mirika C on July 24, 2012


In the past, I had the opportunity to become close friends with a Somali family who was sent to America to escape persecutions along with other families, and the oldest boy of the family had to both fight and kill prior to coming to America. He had also saw his mother raped.

After arriving in America, I helped them learn how to read and do math after they enrolled in high school each week. Many times on the weekends, I took them places with me to become accustomed to American society, laws and rules. They had lived in such a different society than America, however, they learned things swiftly, taking a solid place in the community.

This video below reminds me again of the countless children made to fight and kill, not by choice, but by force. It’s one of the worst forms of abuse known to mankind – creating child soldiers.

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