Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence Gets Brand New, Updated Book Cover!

by Mirika C on July 31, 2014


It’s been such a long time since my debut novel released in 2002 titled SECRET, and it’s been even longer since Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence has released only three years later as the second book in the novel series.  Due to the release of Paton, the third and final book of the novel series on August 31st, the decision was made to update the book cover for Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence, and we think we did a great job!

Below is Colored Lily’s new look to show off this awesome book!  Get your copy today!

** What’s done in the dark won’t always be a SECRET! **
Anna Bowman of Florence Morning News calls Secret “a heart-wrenching story…with great presence to the main character”

ORDER SECRET (Book 1) – 5 star novel
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ORDER COLORED LILY: Poppa Took My Innocence (Book 2)
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The book cover change is coming to paperback in one week, however, it’s already done digitally.
Colored Lily: Poppa Took My Innocence

5 star novel, 5 star reviews

“COLORED LILY is a wonderful beginning to Secret Jones story, SECRET and as in SECRET, this book will not disappoint.” – Minnie Dix

“This was another awesome book. I suggests that readers purchase this book, you want be disappointed. This author is very talented.” – Ramona

“loved the details and the way everything flowed and unfolded. very engaging and it moves you. very creative and full of depth and a must read.” – mistermaxxx08

“This type of storyline you dont find too often, Its a sad book but very well written…. Kudos to the author” – Superstar


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