Feeling Caged? Try Something Fresh and Brand New!

by Mirika C on August 9, 2015


When I started writing professionally, beginning with my debut novel Secret, I knew I wanted to write stories that I would enjoy reading myself. That was the goal, to write provocative and reliably great stories. Genre wasn’t a part of the plan at all.  My plan was to continuously entertain my audience, anyone who felt compelled to read something that I offer.

Throughout the years, I have touched many genres, both in my own name and my pen name, and the reason I write cross genres is not only because I enjoy various stories and story lines, but because I feel it important to give all my readers various vantage points to great stories that aren’t necessarily what they are accustomed to reading, but still are excellent books.  It’s been my pleasure, and become a love of mine, to provoke newness in every reading adventure.

Feeling Caged/ Mirika Mayo Cornelius, author

I had the experience of absolutely loving a particular author a long time ago, prior to beginning my own published works, however, I then noticed how by the fourth book this author had written, I’d become bored.  When I write the word bored, I mean that there was nothing wrong with the story at all.  The issue was that because I read this author all the time, I could predict every action and reaction the characters would perform on the pages. Reading one story from this author, although very talented, was like reading the same story over and over again except in a different city with new names.  The stories were catchy to me at first, but after a while, they became redundant.  For a personality like mine, it just didn’t work…at all.

I found that to be true with my writing style as well.  In order for me to enjoy what I write, I literally need to create something fresh each time.  Having a vivid imagination allows me to go beyond whatever my last book was.  Once it’s been done, I feel truly pressed to challenge myself and deliver to my audience a type of variety that they will fall in love with, even if it is outside of their normal genre, or type of story.

I have found that I’m not the only one like this, but there are many people who want fresh experiences, both in real life and when reading.  This is exactly what I like to offer.  Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with the gift to step outside of the cage and deliver to many stories that take on a certain majesty of their own.

Therefore, if you want something new and fresh but with the excitement that you need in a book, it’s all here at mirikacornelius.com.  It’s what I write for.  Enjoy the tabs at the top of the page that will lead you to my fiction and poetry, and thanks for all your support while I work hard to bring you the best each and every time.


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