FIRST BOOK RELEASE? Find Out 3 Misconceptions About Releasing Your Debut Book!

by Mirika C on January 14, 2016


GET YOUR URBAN FICTON FIX NOWReady for your debut book launch?  Great!  You should be very excited, however, don’t allow your heightened happiness to diminish by sweating the small stuff.  I’ve heard many first time authors complain about the items I’ll discuss below – becoming frustrated when their books aren’t read and when people they “thought were good friends and family” don’t support their book movement.  The list goes on and on, but I will only tackle the most prevalent misconceptions that I’ve heard from authors at their debut book launch.



No. No, the books will not sell themselves.  That’s why we call it marketing.  That’s why you have a mouth.  Convincing or persuading readers to pick up your book and give it a read only starts with the book cover and synopsis being plastered on a website or on a shelf.  Whatever else you heard about the book doing the talking, toss it out to the dump.  It will take very strategic movements from the author, especially the self published author, to get the book into millions of hands.

Take a well known rap artist Master P.  He made his music, but started out selling his CD’s from the trunk of his car.  This takes persistence, faith, good music, and also knowing how to hustle through the art of persuasion.  In the same way, books won’t sell themselves.  Trust me on this one.  YOU must sell them, so think of creative and traditional ways to MARKET.  (It may even require doing things that you hate…like speaking, social media and more so move from behind the quiet desk.)



Sorry.  I hate to break it to you on a blog, but at least it’s my blog.  The people that you know may or may not support your book release.  They may not even support your writing to be quite honest.  Are your feelings shattered?  If so, pick them back up and put the pieces back together.  Just because someone knows you and even loves you doesn’t mean that that believe in your talent.  There is a big, huge difference.

Instead of counting on those you know to just dive right in and be a great support, know that those who don’t know you will possibly give your talent more a chance than what you think.  People who don’t know you have a fresh, less past tense visual of you and your goals while those who have known you all your life, hold on to what they thought you were and may not give you a chance at all to showcase your skills.  You can even ask yourself, when was the last time I saw more than twenty people I know reading a book?  If you can only think up one or two, then that’s just how many people may end up reading yours out of the gobs of folks that you know.

When it comes to releasing your debut book, don’t bypass those you know, but don’t always count on them as the end all be all either.  EXPAND.  The people you know just simply may not be readers or not as into your career as you are.  Fair, right?

Curse the Cotton


Lastly, know that your book may not get read as soon as your readers buy it, if at all.  As a matter of fact, while you sit back and await all the wonderful feedback that you could potentially get in reviews, the fact is that some won’t read your book until let’s say…days or weeks in the future.

Be patient…even though some simply bought your book “for the cause”.  Don’t hassle those you know about how they think your book was because you may just hate the fact that it hasn’t been read yet.  The great thing is that you are getting your work and your name out there, and whenever they read it, if they enjoy, they will come back for more!  Hopefully, by then you will have two or three more books out to keep your readers satisfied while leaving the delayed reader happy that they invested in you.


Most times, first time authors don’t know what to expect when it comes to their debut book nor do they have a full understanding of what’s normal in the literary world and what is extraordinary.  Just know that there are highs and lows when it comes to what happens with your book, but on debut book launch day, prepare for it emotionally because it doesn’t always end up with a BESTSELLER ranking out of the gate.  These things may take time, but it pays off.













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