Fruitful Even In The Land Of Affliction…

by Mirika C on June 20, 2013


Never give up because God can cause you to become fruitful even in the land of your affliction.

Remember Joseph, who was placed over all the land of Egypt via the Pharaoh after God gave Joseph the ability to interpret the Pharaoh’s dream. Prior to this, Joseph was afflicted in Egypt, even cast into prison behind a lie. However, Joseph continued to worship the Lord and God’s favor continued to rest upon him.

All this to say that even in your land of affliction, where it may only seem that there is no way out, remember that God provided a way for Joseph and was faithful, raising Joseph up in the same place where he was sold into slavery by his own brothers. Joseph named his second born son Ephraim (Genesis 41:52) “For God hath caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.” Joseph was able to raise up a family and become ruler under Pharaoh all because of God.

Never give up because even in the middle of a storm, or your affliction, good will still come. Be patient. God is with us.

-Mirika Mayo Cornelius

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