God With You In The Struggle

by Mirika C on May 13, 2014


God in the struggleThere is this phrase that has been used and is still going around called THE STRUGGLE. Some people use it with a hashtag and others just mention the struggles they are going though in life that day or for weeks. The one thing I want everyone to know about THE STRUGGLE is that no matter how trivial or how serious, how short or how long one has to be in THE STRUGGLE, know that GOD isn’t a GOD that will leave you in the struggle alone!

Sometimes we have to go through the pain and hardship in order to come out stronger, wiser and even more brilliant that we were before.  Let no struggle fool you; GOD is not blind, and He has never left your side.  JESUS is always there in your time of STRUGGLE because THE STRUGGLE isn’t meant to destroy you, but to make you STRONGER.


Trust God.  You will not want!


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