by Mirika C on April 5, 2016


Choices.  We all have them and can make them since the days of being able to tell the difference between two or more things.  Upon inspection and with a certain amount of awareness about the future, making the proper choices for our lives many times comes with a specific amount of ease after having weighed the odds.

Sins of Bain (Extended)

For instance, I read a piece about Justin Timberlake, the R&B/pop singer and actor, and the article is about how he left the group band to go solo, and how he knew it was the best move for him.  Since then, we have all seen him thrive in his career more than he ever has, and it’s all because he went with what was best for him – a solo career.

How about you?  As an author, there is a huge pull to be signed to a publishing house because if we face the facts, many of the publishing houses have what several indie authors just don’t have – a wide audience.  Major publishing houses already have that means to an end, top notch marketing and people ready to buy and read.  Most first time authors don’t have this, and it’s an uphill battle for many trying to get even one book sold.

However, the market has and is constantly changing in favor of the independently published author.  Gone are the days where you need to be “introduced” by someone well known.  Today, self-publishing has brought tremendous stability to many authors in their careers, some even have gone on to become best-sellers without assistance from any huge publisher.  Readers were simply attracted to their work, so much so that a readership was created from the ground up, one person at a time.

Where are you when it comes to writing as an author?  Are you published by a major house, yet you still have the itch to independently publish?  Are you a writer who is about to take that leap into self-publishing?  If so, here are three major reasons why so many writers are opting for self-publishing to help you make your decision on whether or not it’s the avenue for you.

Curse the Cotton


Many writers take the leap into self-publishing their own book because they can’t calculate the benefit of selling their rights for chump change.  There are loads of publishers out here ready to take 80% of the author’s money or more and leave them with, let me say, 20% or even less than that.  That’s not a great deal at all for many writers who want a more balanced percentage when it comes to someone else owning the rights to their hard work.

I’ve heard  and read many authors actually accusing publishers of taking all of their money and leaving them with nada (nothing).  Basically, they get rich while the writer scrapes by with a smile on his or her face because the book signing line is really long so they have to hold it ( the crooked smile) in place while making pennies on the dollar for themselves but giving over 70% of that dollar to the publishing company.

Pretty soon, they feel swindled as they watch a not so popular unsigned author get to have complete control over royalties and much more.  In the words of the Artist known as Prince… “Record contracts are just like – I’m going to say the word – slavery.  I would tell any young artist don’t sign.” (this quote via Billboard so see for yourself.)  Bouncing off of what Prince said about music as it pertains to books leads me to my next reason for going independent.

I Thought I Was Alone TrilogyOWNERSHIP

Who really wants to sharecrop?  Exactly.  Do you know what sharecropping is?  Check Wikipedia out which states it is “a system of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced on their portion of land”.

No, of course I’m not writing about crops.  I’m writing about books and publishing, but just like Prince calls contracts with big wigs, or major labels, “indentured servitude” in the same interview via Billboard, the same applies to many authors who have signed with major book publishers.  There are a plethora of rights and royalties involved, and if an author isn’t careful, they will have signed away their livelihood in one autograph.

The big picture for those who choose to go independent and self publish is that they want more control over their characters, work and the whole nine.  They don’t want the guessing game of “being able to trust” their publisher with giving them the right amount of money or catching them in a loop hole of rights and ownership.  It happens all the time, and this is exactly why artists across the board opt out of being given a portion of a pie that they themselves made to simply owning their whole portion, not needing the “landowner” for anything nor having to pay him “rent”.


Entrepreneurs don’t beg for a yes.  They create the yes.  I just wrote an article that referenced a number of best selling authors that got numerous rejection letters.  They continued writing because they had that entrepreneurial spirit.

Jacquelyn Smith, a writer at Forbes, wrote an article that included a quote from Michael Kerr who describes this type of spirit as a mindset and “an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It’s a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement. “It’s about seeing the big picture and thinking like an owner.

DEAD1Enough said right?  Authors who tend to push their way through the load of norm create change in the atmosphere they are dealt, and aren’t afraid to change it.  They have a drive from within that doesn’t accept no as a final answer because they still see, breathe and hear their own YES.

This is one of the final reasons why many authors go their own way and self publish – because they have their own desire and truly believe that they can and will make it despite the odds, without someone ALLOWING them to do so.  Just ask the plenty self published authors earning thousands a month with a big, real smile to show for it.  They will say it took time, but it was all worth the build.


Again, I’m not saying that signing with a major publisher isn’t for YOU because it very well may be.  I’m just highlighting those major reasons why many writers are owning their way through self publishing…and many times ending up on the winning side.


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