Good Day, So Good…

by Mirika C on May 6, 2012


Today is a good day! My son, for the very first time, was actually comfortable away from me in church! He was so comfortable that he completed a nice Mother’s Day card for me, colored and all! AHHHHHHH! I felt too special! Nothing like being a mom.

Anyway, I’m loving Ain’t Quite What I Thought and hope to goodness that you love it too! Sure, I’m a perfectionist, thus, crossing every T and dotting every I is happening probably a bit too much. But hey, gotta be right!

On the way to book release, I have already designed plenty of shirts for you friends and fans to rock! Check them out at this link. By clicking on each shirt, you will be able to read exactly what it on it and even change the color to order your preference.

While on book tour, I plan to have several of these shirts to go along with the purchase of each book. This means that you MUST come out to get your book and T-shirt! For those of you still wondering the concrete book release date, it’s coming! I won’t tell until I have the first finished and bound product in my hand and LOVE IT!!

It will be this year though so breathe…just like I am!

Love, Loves!

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