HITTING A BRICK WALL: 6 Reasons Why You’re Failing At Finishing Your First Book

by Mirika C on January 15, 2016


For many, finishing their first book can be challenging. Not only is it challenging, but most people who delve into it never consider that it is actually time consuming and takes a great deal of patience.  To some, it really does feel like very hard work. Maybe that’s because it is work, and ever since the times of kindergarten, we have been learning the importance of specific qualities that create success in just about everything we do, including writing that first book. Have you put them to use or cast them to the way side?

Below is a short checklist of things that could potentially be keeping you from completing that book you’ve been dying to complete for the last three years or more…because no, it doesn’t take that long at all, even if you have a full time job and a child.

Urban Fiction by Mirika Mayo Cornelius


This is what I call the idea phase of writing.  When the idea popped into your head to write your life story or this great fiction story, you figured, this is a winner.  I can write this.  It’s going to be amazing.  You believe the emotion garnered from the great idea of becoming a writer gives you a clear sign that you will finish the book soon.   You even have a page or two already written, however, the idea of it felt better than the actual work.

In order to finish your book, you have to get out of the “I have a good idea” phase, no matter how wonderful it feels.  Ask any actor, director, or seasoned author for that matter – initially most if not all ideas they take on sound great and are great, making them ecstatic about the whole project.  Eventually, however, they must move beyond this “GOOD IDEA, HAPPY” phase in order to do the WORK that is required to make it happen.  Trust me when I say, the work isn’t always roses.

All this to say, as soon as you get the GOOD IDEA get into some GOOD WORKING on it.  Don’t linger.


Motivation is your reason for doing something.  Turns out your reason for writing may not override the pull other areas of your life that clearly have a more dominant motivating factor.  Therefore, with your writing, although you want to do it, the motivation isn’t there versus your other activities.  How to fix it, you ask?  Subtracting comes in handy here.

Find the least important item of your days each week or hours each day and neglect it.  Simply erase it from your day.  Next, fill that time in with writing on your book until it is finished.


Distractions are everywhere.   This is true.  Distractions are also inside of you.  This is also true.  This causes a loss of focus when it comes to your ability to complete your book.

Do you find yourself checking the internet at least one time every three sentences written?  There ya go!  Stay focused.

Do you find yourself glancing at the television and literally getting caught up in a great movie while you write?  There ya go!  Stay focused!

Do you check your cell phone every five minutes?  Yep…there ya go!  Stay focused…on the task at hand.

In other words, turn the world off at the same time you open the windows of creativity in your mind.  Focus.  Also, be aware of what you are eating.  You will be surprised how your creativity and energy correlates to what you ingest.  ( I know, this isn’t a health blog, but still… just pay attention.)

Ain't Quite What I Thought by Mirika Mayo CorneliusDESIRE FOR PERFECTION

Perfection is heaven made, and the GOD of heaven isn’t writing your book.  Therefore, don’t spend hours at a time re-reading and re-writing that same third paragraph on the tenth page.  This is just too much.  Write what you have to write.  It’s fine to review and re-read, but don’t allow it to prevent you from completing the book.

Know that there are many ways to write one thought, and although the way you write it may not mesh with some, it’s your own personality or character that you are trying to convey as well in your written work.  Either you want to sound like the person’s book that you read over there who has about ten degrees in English and whatever else, or you want to sound like a great version of yourself by using your own style and make sense without all the hoopla.  It’s your PERFECT choice.


“I’ll never be taken seriously as an author.”  “Who am I to say that I can write a book?”  “Gosh, how much does all this cost?”  “This book is only twelve pages typed but when I wrote it down it was like thirty Ugh!” And here is the worst one yet –  “I’m only writing this book for myself.”

Don’t think, say or write this.  These things…especially the last one…irk me…and if you’re planning on finishing your book, self defeating thoughts like those up top should irk you as well.  Take control of your thoughts and actions.  Think well, do well.  Think well, write even better.  They go hand in hand.

Oh and don’t ever just write a book for yourself.  That, to me, is just saying I lack the confidence in myself and book, so I place a huge wall up just in case it doesn’t appeal to readers, thus, not disappointing myself.  Believe in yourself or no one else will.  Really they won’t.  You got this.  Finish.


Stress kills creativity.  Stress can even kill us if we allow it.  Therefore, the best thing to do is complete all extra chores prior to writing to that you mind is at ease.  Then relax yourself.  Get in your happy or calm place.  Allow your mind to wander and boom!  Like clockwork, ideas are flowing a mile a minute.

Easy right?  Maybe not so easy, but you get what I’m saying writing.  Do what you can to relax yourself, and more than likely, you will gain more insight into your project.


:-)  That’s all for now!

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