How Being a Self Satisfier & People Pleaser Creates a SUCCESSFUL WRITING CAREER

How Being a Self Satisfier & People Pleaser Creates a SUCCESSFUL WRITING CAREER

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Roadmaps.  They can point in various directions, and to be quite honest, if they are drawn up correctly, will eventually lead you to the common and most wanted destination.  When it comes to writing or teaching the aspiring author the how, whats and whys on getting his or her written project done most efficiently, roadmaps generally look the same.  Find a specific time during the day, outline, write a couple thousand word a night, have a good, strong synopsis, develop characters…etc.  The roadmap can go on and on and in any particular order.

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I’ve never been a roadmap type person when it comes to writing or developing a story and reaching, or coming to common, lovable ground with my readers.   I choose a different route each time.  The reason I can do this is because I actually KNOW MYSELF and I simply KNOW WHAT I WANT out of the story and myself for my readers’ enjoyment.   Can you believe that? (Sarcasm)  I’ve always been a go-getter and finish whatever I start.  I’m a self satisfier when it comes to writing and a people pleaser when it comes to entertaining which works for all readers.

Do those sound counterproductive?  By “those” I mean self satisfier and people pleaser.  Well, forget what it sounds like because it isn’t.  Being a self satisfier as a writer and author means that I write what I want to write.  Being a people pleaser when it comes to my craft means that whatever I write, it is meant to be beneficial to others in some way and at all times.

As a multi-genre fiction author, being a self satisfier is the name of the game.  I write on whatever topic I am feeling at the time that satisfies my creative appetite, but on the flip side, everyone doesn’t read genres of every type.  This is why I choose to write the absolutely best book I can muster so that those who decide to read outside of their norm will find that they enjoy my other books as well, no matter the genre.  This falls into my people pleasing side.

Download Deception at Gabriel's Trails urban series now!I aim to write books that are pleasing for many audiences just as much as I do one audience which keeps me satisfied as a multi-genre author.

I write all this to convey that this, under the blessings of God, is what has brought me success as a writer/blogger and author.  Have you ever read something that was so poetic and wise until it lost you altogether at the third line or fourth chapter?  You know very well that the author is highly intelligent and determined, however, the book just failed to date you like you wanted to be dated?  It talked so much about ITSELF until it BORED you senseless.  This is an example of having one without the other – SELF SATISFYING  without PLEASING THE READERS.

It’s similar to the scripture Faith without Works is dead.  Well, a writer can’t go on and on understanding himself while leaving the audience in the cold.  These two things come hand in hand if you want to be a happy, successful writer/author.  The foundation you need as a roadmap to success as an author starts right here.

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Therefore, start satisfying yourself by writing your passion and in that passion, have just as much passion for the people who want to read a great story, no matter how long or short.  Make it good, and that is the success that breeds long-term relationships between readers and writers.

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