HOW I SET THE TABLE: Where I Get My Inspiration & How I Make It Manifest

by Mirika C on September 28, 2016


Mirika Mayo Cornelius, author


Here’s a question that I get asked often, but I rarely have the perfect answer when asked.  One would think that I know exactly or could pinpoint each and every moment in time that I feel inspired, but I honestly can’t.  I assume that I would know the exact time I am inspired, but I don’t document it at all.  Instead, I just begin processing and working toward the manifestation, or the point where it’s evident to everyone that I have been working on a project – the book publication.

As far as what inspires me, for the most part, it’s US.  Life and people, God who created US and Him to Whom we return.  Everything in between is even my inspiration.  I see each and everything as a story.  It’s like a set table, and I have the honor of moving everything around how I want it.  It may be unconventional or it may be so common until I’ll add something to it to make it odd.  Either way, I rule my mind.

In ruling my mind, I have the honor of taking the sight of a smile and making it my own reason for why it’s there.  In the same way I examine a sound, and wonder if that same sound would have triggered events that would have led to whatever happened today to the man over there sitting on the stairs reading a book while his friendless, yet kind, granddaughter calls his name from the top of the sliding board before she heads down.  The same way I just thought of that sentence in like a millisecond is how I actually see life.  I really do see life in all, and in every breath, to me, there is a story.

I’m not being poetic.  That takes a bit more time.  It’s just how it is.  Have you ever heard of comedians having a third eye?  That.  But I don’t call it third eye.

Whenever I set my table, it’s never neat.  I do it as each person sits down, if we even eat at the table at all.  I make it comfortable, not stuffy.  I don’t need silverware laid out for something unique.  Knives are never on the table, and there is one fork…for salad or food.  Shoot, the salad may even go on the same dinner plate.  It’s not that serious as in restaurants.  Whatever works to make the feast feel, taste and go good together … not overly thought out.

That’s how my stories and novels manifest.  It’s just. like. that.  I go with what works in my own mind, not based on some formula or outline.  Not to diss formulating or outlining because I know its uses.  As a matter of fact, one of the best writers I know uses one.  As for me, everything stays in my head.  I may do a side note on a recorder for an idea or type in a phrase and highlight it in red in the manuscript as USE LATER, but other than that, what goes down, goes down in my head first.  I press play.  If there is a kink, then I stop, rewind and fix it.  Then, I hit replay.  If it works out, I write it all down.  Memory and imagination manifests itself on paper after I type it.

I don’t write down my stories with a pen or paper then type.  My debut book, Secret, was the only one that spoiled.  It was also the one most re-read by me.  That one – four to five times, maybe even six.  The others two to three before publication.

That’s how I set my table, or go from inspiration to manifestation.

Today, I’m having chicken leg quarters, broccoli and rice.  I’m finishing a finale in Deception at Gabriel’s Trails.  Nothing will burn, but it will get hot.

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