How To Leave Your FAVORITE Author a SUPER Review That COUNTS

by Mirika C on December 14, 2016


Reviews matter, especially for the self-published author who doesn’t necessarily have the mighty machine of loyalists behind them from the very beginning.  It can be a lonely world out here for authors who are just beginning and trying to stand out as a force to be reckoned with, however, it can be done because if you are a reader who loves a particular author, self-published or not, there is one major thing you can do for them to help spread the word and cause – LEAVE A GREAT REVIEW!

Each time you read a book, you have the opportunity to leave valuable feedback for other readers.  When it comes to books you love, there are several things that can make your book review stand out as authentic, garnering the attention that it needs for the success of the author you absolutely love.


Giving detailed descriptions in a book review doesn’t mean telling the entire story, but what it does mean is that if the book is good, tell exactly what you enjoyed about the book in words that reveal how the story made you feel, or the motivation it gave you and even how the book captured your attention through word usage and plot.  It is those types of things that reveal a true and honest review.


Everyone has a character they either love or hate.  Choose one, and then speak on how the author did well in making you fall in love or even despise a particular character (without giving the story away).  Remember, the reason you engage so much with the character on any level is because the author did his or her job in presenting you with a character who is well formed, or well built, in the story.  Applaud the author by dropping a line or two about how awesome a job the author did creating great characters.


Most books have something you, as a reader, can learn or take away from the story, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.  If it’s a fiction story, there is possibly a take away or lesson learned from the plot and overall conclusion, just as there is in a non-fiction.  Concluding the review with a definite reason as to why the book is a necessary and great read based off of what you have read is an awesome way to give props to your favorite author and a story that you want to spread great word of mouth about.


Leaving good book reviews for your favorite authors or stories help tremendously in the world of literature, and although authors can’t track everyone down to say thank you, trust me, WE REALLY WISH WE COULD!  THANK YOU!  Every bit of a great review counts.

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