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We all have ideas.  I know I have plenty of them.  Last night, I had a simple conversation with my husband over the phone and derived from the conversation came another idea for a brilliant story.  I must entertain all of you, my readers, because I love it when I can bring you stories that deliver a new attitude, a new way of thought, a new life and just plain new everything when you are reading a book.

So yeah, my ideas are always ahead of me, and I will one day catch up to them because even though they come quickly, I can do ALL things through CHRIST who strengthens me.  I am determined to catch up with them and write them all in stories! That being stated, I want to answer the question I am routinely asked.



I have absolutely no filter for my imagination whatsoever.  Some of the things that go on in my mind are far fetched for some, but for me, everything is fair game.  I consider myself the CREATOR of my own UNIVERSE when I’m writing my books, therefore, I make anything happen just as I see it.  Everything is fair game because I have learned how to PACKAGE my IDEAS into bonafide, original and entertaining stories, never duplicating a story by someone else.


When I say that life inspires my mind, I mean my imagination.  Life to me includes all of it, spiritual life, what I think, or thought life, and reality – from a rock to human beings.  Combining all these things helps me keep a steady flow of ideas because I’m unafraid to reveal them in various characters and circumstances.  With life as open as my eyes, there will never be a time where I will run out of ideas to write about in a book.

If a person thinks of his or her life, EACH DAY is DIFFERENT, vastly different, even if you are in same exact area.  There should never be a day that passes that my mind simply CAN’T think of anything to write about because even my mind changes, or imagination changes, with each day.


Staying connected means I’m always learning.  I learn about everything which means I’m either talking to people who know what I don’t know or I’m reading things that help me to learn about something new.  Without knowledge of, for instance, a prison system, one will find it difficult to write a scene in a prison without knowing the inner workings of a prison and prison system, unless having been a prisoner oneself.  Therefore, it’s always great to do what many actors do over the course of their own careers, they learn by placing themselves in the situation.  As a writer, I do the same whenever I can.

For the most part, these are the 3 things that keep my ideas coming at a rapid pace, being connected to my imagination and the things around me in a learning type of way, makes way for great stories to evolve into one of a kind favorites.

I can’t, nor will I be, BOXED.  How boring would that be, right?  :-)

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