If You’ve Read One, You Really Haven’t Read Them All

by Mirika C on October 27, 2016


Mirika Mayo Cornelius, author

Symmetry.  One side looks exactly like the other of the same object.  Symmetric.  The thing about symmetry is that not all things are symmetric, and this is obvious for something like an abstract shape.  In order for anything to have symmetry in terms of appearance, it must be cut from the exact same thread and on the proper axis.  See, even symmetry has its rules.

This rule can apply to authors and the genres they write.  There are many people who have stated that once they’ve read one, they’ve read them all when it comes to a particular genre, or category, of books/literature.  I truly believe that with this belief, one can sell themselves short of the variety of work out here that is totally unique from the last in any particular category.

I can only speak for myself when I say that as a multi-genre author and one who prides myself in delivering unique projects to my audience each and every time, there is not one book that is like another that I’ve written, or may I use the word symmetric although out of sync with the normal usage.

For my urban titles, I give a variety of stories.  There is something different in each book although the genre is the same – Urban.  My urban story lines are vastly different from  my last book, and I do this because I feel like it’s necessary for my readers.

For my horror, I wrote those in order to broaden the availability of something new and different for reading audiences everywhere.  Once you’ve read one of my horrors, you haven’t read them all because each one is different in my horror category.

The list can go on, but I suppose I’m writing this to tell everyone who loves to read but have found themselves becoming uninspired to pick up another book because they may have run into what I call copycat writers/authors or great book covers  with horribly written books back to back to back – READ THE PREVIEWS, THUMB THROUGH THE PAGES, VISIT WEBSITES and read what seem like LEGITIMATE REVIEWS (not the reviews that totally say nothing about the book but takes stabs with one liners and hooks that demean the book with no proof or substance to back the claims.  These are more than likely other authors or trolls that go around leaving thumbs down stamps to every book but their own for what reason…who knows?  I suppose some believe that stomping on others will lift them higher, but a true reader can always tell a liar, right?)

If you don’t know what a legitimate review looks like, think of the word DETAIL and SOURCES.  These types of reviews with plenty detail and pro sources are the best to go by.  As a rule of thumb, remember that ALL REVIEWS are RANDOM OPINIONS as well as PROFESSIONAL OPINIONS.

Haven’t there been some movies and books you’ve liked that others haven’t?  Exactly.  This is why I mention relying on reviews last.  Go with your gut on it because there are so many books being released now that you really do want the bang for your time and buck.

Anyway, I get it.  I was an avid reader prior to becoming an author, and the same story over and over again kicks all the stones with bare toes.  It is literally like reading one prediction over and over again until you feel like you’re a psychic.

Fix this redundancy by finding a multi-genre author, such as myself **hinthint** who doesn’t mind writing several types of stories.  Another way you can get out of the read em once read em all diagnosis for books is to look beyond the first couple of books you see, online or in stores.  Believe it or not, there are great books that have been out for quite some time that readers totally enjoy that have never hit the best sellers list.  (I know, thank me later for the information)

The best sellers list is one that is obtained only when an author sells a certain number of the same book in one week or less.  See.   An author can sell that same number of books, in lets say, six months and not hit the best sellers list.  It’s a timing thing.  Therefore, don’t allow the word bestseller to grab you each time.  Jumble it up a bit.  You will be shocked how many great stories are out here.  Also, mix up your genres a bit.  If you want a different story, read from a different category and, of course, different author.

You just have to look to find them.  Ask around from your group of trusted readers.  Believe it…all books aren’t all the same nor should they be as simple as a slice of symmetry.


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