IN CELEBRITY WORDS: New & Upcoming Books To DEFINITELY Give a READ For 2016!

IN CELEBRITY WORDS: New & Upcoming Books To DEFINITELY Give a READ For 2016!

Posted on by Mirika C

I’ve finally had time to find out about some books that celebrities will be releasing really soon, and one of the first that I think has a nice bit of appeal to everyone is the book scheduled to drop by AMY SCHUMER titled The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo.

To release in August of 2016, this book seems to have a bit of everything inside of it, more than likely with her own comedic voice, of course.  Check it out as the synopsis from Amazon tells it as this:

“In The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Amy mines her past for stories about her teenage years, her family, relationships, and sex and shares the experiences that have shaped who she is—a woman with the courage to bare her soul to stand up for what she believes in, all while making us laugh.

Ranging from the raucous to the romantic, the heartfelt to the harrowing, this highly entertaining and universally appealing collection is the literary equivalent of a night out with your best friend—an unforgettable and fun adventure that you wish could last forever. Whether she’s experiencing lust-at-first-sight while in the airport security line, sharing her own views on love and marriage, admitting to being an introvert, or discovering her cross-fit instructor’s secret bad habit, Amy Schumer proves to be a bighearted, brave, and thoughtful storyteller that will leave you nodding your head in recognition, laughing out loud, and sobbing uncontrollably—but only because it’s over.”

Next, is one that is to release basically right now but not necessarily written by a celebrity but about some great women who are celebrities in their own right.

The book is titled WOMEN IN SCIENCE – 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World.  The book is mainly for children, but what adult wouldn’t want to dig in and get information on female pioneers and their vision that ultimately altered society for the better!  I have a son, however, I think I’ll be downloading this book for him just to make certain he is aware of the power that men AND women share together on this earth.

Of course, all little girls should grab this book, a couple of ENVY apples (my favorite :-)  ), and get to reading!  This book will make for great ideas for book reports as well.


Third is the book that showcases the man of this year – the artist we all know as PRINCE.  This book, titled PRINCE: 1958 -2016 will come in hardcover only it looks like, and there will be photos that we’ve possibly never seen before of the musician we all grew up listening to whether we knew it or not.

The cover is to the left, and it is in purple of course for The Purple One, and I’ve already seen some amazing pics of him in his younger days with a big huge beautifully bodacious Afro but still looking like the Prince we know.   See the pics right here.

Here is a clip of what Amazon says about it:

“Prince was an icon of artistry and individuality, a symbol (quite literally, at one point in his career) of independence, a man who lived for the art of his music. He chose to position himself outside the confines of the music industry and recorded, played and performed the way he wanted to. And it worked: his fans were devoted, his influence was huge, his music popular around the world, and his live shows legendary: news of his untimely death was met with shock and surprise. Journalist and Prince fanatic Mobeen Azhar interviewed key members of Prince’s entourage, many of them speaking about the great man for the first time and this book highlights those first-hand accounts, to paint a more up-close-and-personal picture of this visionary artist than you have ever seen before.”

The book will release on September 8th, 2016, and right after this one comes a book by Cookie Johnson, the wife of Magic Johnson titled Believing in Magic: My Story of Love, Overcoming Adversity, and Keeping the Faith .  It looks like whenever tragedy strikes, nothing can stop this couple at all.

Cookie Johnson has compiled her very own personal story dating all the way back to when her husband and basketball superstar, Magic, was diagnosed with HIV.  We know back then, there wasn’t much information on it at all, so the fear set in when it came to even playing on the court with someone who is positive.  Imagine the fears that she, as his wife, must have felt.  Guess what?  We get to read it inside the book when it releases on September 20th!

Take a look and listen at Cookie when she was a Essence Festival in interview with actress Lynn Whitfield.


Well there they are IN CELEBRITY WORDS (or photos) for us to dig in and enjoy!

Go ahead and download The Secret Novel Collection while you’re here! Thanks! :-)

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