IN THE AUTHOR’S WORDS: The Making of Inside The Gates of Doons, a Novel of Horror

by Mirika C on August 1, 2014


Why write Inside the Gates of Doons?

Writing Inside the Gates of Doons was something very challenging and new to me. I’d never written anything close to horrific and gory, so I wanted to delve into it a bit, both for my audience and myself. Writing something a bit out of the norm can be relaxing, just as much as reading something out of the norm can be fun. Therefore, Inside the Gates of Doons was my opportunity to place five people in a place of horror just to see what happens.

What was most complex about writing the book?

What was the most complex about writing Inside the Gates of Doons was the double story in one. Not only is it a horror, but there is also a huge betrayal caught up in the middle of it all. I had to combine them both and still make it the horror that I wanted it to be while at the same time drawing the reader into the chaos between so-called friends.

Inside the Gates of DoonsWhat was the hardest part about writing a killer?

Honestly, it wasn’t too hard to write a killer. Killers are either born, made, or driven to do so by loss of control at a particular point in time. This particular killer was born, and when that happens, there isn’t much that can be done about it. He stalks and kills. That’s what he lives for, so that’s what he does. It wasn’t hard at all…weird…but it wasn’t.

Of all the characters, who was the most complex?

Levi is the most complex, or the most complex situation surrounds him. He’s an edgy type of guy with a great gift of discerning, or reading people. He’s fearless and isn’t just a bunch of talk. People rely on him as well as despise him for his lack of political correctness, but at the same time, this man who is so hardcore is deeply in love not only with his woman, but family. This is what makes writing him undeniably the most complex in the story.

Read what happens when five friends become trapped by terror and end up in a fight to stay alive when a road trip goes terribly wrong INSIDE THE GATES OF DOONS!


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