Knockoffs Aren’t Magic

by Mirika C on November 17, 2016


Mirika Mayo Cornelius, author


There’s nothing quite like the color blue, and there’s definitely no mark that can be made quite like the color red can make it.  When I look at the color green at its base, there’s nothing more refreshing, and whenever the color brown shows up in the smallest portions, it makes the whole world beautiful.

It’s magic.

There’s nothing like the day, and there’s not anything that can compare to night.  The sun rules all on its own, blazing its own trail through the sky with us as spectators while God Himself set the moon up above for earthly viewing.

It’s miraculous.

There’s nothing like the quality of uniqueness and the character of one-of-a-kind.  Features that stand the test of time are always bold and alone, simple and set apart, destined to be distinct.

Then there is something called a knockoff.  It’s a rip of blue with a different name and a mark like red but a different shade, won’t spend like green so it’s counterfeit, and then peach tries to take the crown from brown only to let all the colors down.

It’s not magic.

There is something coming from a bulb that makes a joke of itself as it brightens up only a portion of a very small room, and there’s something called void that has no life like the moonlit night.

It’s not miraculous.

Don’t be a knockoff.  You’ll get knocked off before you even start to shine like the sun or make bold marks like the color red, and even when you go to lay down your head at night, the moon will throw you shade, hiding itself from the mess you’ve made…

of your life.

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