KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: 5 Facts Successful Authors Understand And Live By

by Mirika C on February 3, 2016


Mirika Mayo CorneliusWhere would we be without knowledge?  Powerless.  Therefore, here are five things that every author should know to continue to remain at the top of their game in literature and having a legit career as an author.



Planning on maintaining a career as an author requires much reading about things you don’t know.  Yes.  In order for any author to expand their own minds and imagination, it’s important that they learn new things all the time.

For instance, in order to write a book that takes place in the 1800s, one must research the 1800s so that the book reflects the time.  In my novel, Curse the Cotton, although I already knew so much about slavery and rebellions, I also had to learn what I consider small stuff such as wardrobe, transportation, and even thought processes and laws of that day in time.  As an author, I love to live in the moment, and the more I know about a thing, the more I can adapt to it mentally and in my imagination, resulting in a reader coming away with a great experience.


No matter what an author writes about, understand that if the words are stolen, there could be a heavy lawsuit.  First, be honest with yourself.  If you feel tempted to steal someone else’s work, don’t write.  This isn’t the career for you.

Ain't Quite What I Thought by Mirika Mayo CorneliusWriters take pride in having originals.  They aren’t running through everyone else’s work and writing their own version while being perfectly fine with the fact that half of what is written in their book is plotted out the exact same way in the original author’s book along with the same names and situations.

As far as the fines you could pay once caught, even stealing a songwriter’s entire verses and putting them in a book (yeah, it gets that deep),  you can pay into the hundreds of thousands, plus whatever money you earned on the book and even the court costs!  Is it worth it?  Absolutely not.  It can even lead to imprisonment.  Copying blog posts included (yeah, it’s called online publications which are totally time stamped and can easily be proven in court who wrote what first no matter if you change the “date”.)



I have found that setting a deadline for when I want a particular project finished, forces me to work at it without procrastination.  This is the reason there hasn’t been a project yet, big or small, that I never set a date in which it must be completed.  When you think about it, you have been mentally trained to work by deadlines all your life.

When it comes to getting up for school and not being tardy along with the infamous science experiments having a deadline in grade school or even getting in shape for the summer after the winter blow up.  People have set deadlines in order to succeed for most of their lives.  We live by time and calendars.

Therefore, know your work speed and set an attainable deadline to finish each book that you start writing.

Sins of Bain (Extended)



Know that everyone isn’t there for you or what you do, however, each author must have that person or persons who will give them constructive criticism of their work prior to publication.  For me, that’s my husband, Rod Cornelius, who is also an author.  When you know someone is in your corner, it makes it just that much easier to consider what could make your book better or actually see what is destroying it.

Constructive criticism isn’t a slam.  Look at it this way – on a movie set, the director my call for re-shoots over and over again.  Actors can’t continuously get upset.  Instead, they adapt and make it better.  Same way with accepting constructive criticism.  As a writer, be ready to be better at all you do, and if pointers will get you there, change it up a little.



Just writing the book is going to get an author nowhere fast.  Therefore, an author needs the right publishing and marketing that works for their particular book.  Not all publishing is the same and not all marketing is the same.

For instance, some people will come off better signed to a major publisher who has the capability of pushing their book into a great market that they would have had trouble finding on their own as a self published author.  As far as others, self publishing is the way to go because

1) they may already have a market via a previous career ie singer, talk show host or Youtube sensation, so they may not need the push because they already have the audience.

2) royalty wise, it might be their best option for their niche market

3) want to build and retain all ownership

With either one of these options, you will still have to market.  Author Y can succeed marketing one way, and Author Z will make it big marketing another way.  The fact is, find out what marketing works best for your book and niche and stick to it.  Some of the best social networks to market no matter where you are – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All of these have video integrations that work very well with live, on the spot promotion.  Also, grow a mailing list.  They are great for literally all things marketing!


Again, where would we be without knowledge?  Nowhere.

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