LOOK WHAT I FOUND: Write On Paper & Sync To Your Smartphone: STYLOGRAPH by OREE

by Mirika C on January 11, 2016


Of all the things a writer may strongly desire, this may be one of the top!  Made by Oree, this Stylograph they have created captures whatever, and I mean whatever, you write on paper, stores it, then syncs it to your smartphone.  Now, the paper being written on isn’t just any old paper, but after researching, I found out that it requires a micro-pattern included on the paper.  Surely, because it’s priced at $420.00, hopefully the paper is included, and this could mean magic for any author who loves to write on the go and even artists who love to become inspired wherever they are.

To digitally capture everything you write on paper by downloading the app is a huge creation!

Watch this video and then visit Oree for more details!  I think it’s a pretty cool idea.  Imagine…

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