Never Toss a Trashed Story…Here’s Why

by Mirika C on August 18, 2015


Garbage.  My idea of it is a load of useless stuff waiting to hit the pile of food, toiletries and other disgusting items at the trash heap.  It’s quite nasty to think of all the one-time-wonders of the world tossed aside as has-beens…including great ideas that were somehow never launched.

Sure, in today’s society, we recycle.  Imagine the non-waste.  Even better is that well crafted story that ends up recycled that only the author can point out as theirs once it hits the movies.

“That was mine!”

Not anymore.


No, this isn’t the reason why I am one of the authors who never write the technical rough sketch or outline that many writers take on.  I have always known my story’s beginning, middle and end prior to getting started, and when I do finally start, I just do it.  (I’ve restarted only two of my books…ever)  Being in the habit of creating story ideas, two and sometimes three at a time, while I’m writing another book begins my brainstorming.  I eat, sleep and even breathe the story lines I create in my head until I’m actually there.  It is that way that I never forget them.  The only things I write down are the titles, and they are kept in a safe place.  Then, I work up the book cover idea, and it remains there until I get to the full book as a reminder to “hey, write that“.  I have maybe ten of my next book covers and titles already done.  They are awaiting the full manuscript.

You won’t find them in the trash, that’s for sure.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, I say.  Therefore, if I ever toss something, it is already copywritten or published.  I have known two people who have gotten their ideas and complete stories taken…seriously…and they have ended up completely “mastered” because they either lost them or tossed them.  Someone dug it up and boom…made it a winner.

I say all this to let whoever it is reading know that so what if you don’t think your manuscript isn’t good enough. If you don’t shred it, you may see it again.  Just like street musicians and singers play for the crowd, many a celebrity have ended up in lawsuits because someone decided to SAMPLE their beat.  Remember to back your stuff up so if need be, you can always prove that it was yours from the start.

This may seem a bit overboard.  Like what are the odds, right?  You’re right…but so am I.  Then again, it could be the writer in me just thinking up the WHAT IFS in life.

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