Our Trayvon Martin Hoodie March At Finlay Park!

by Mirika C on March 24, 2012


Early this morning at 7am, I woke up to go and protest the murder of Trayvon Martin, the 17 year old that was gunned down by Zimmerman, a man who decided to cover his murder under the words neighborhood watch while the police let him go free.  Trayvon Martin was a young black boy walking with skittles and tea in his hand, and Zimmerman has the audacity to call his killing self defense.

It was Travyon calling for help.  Trayvon got followed.  Trayvon was unarmed.  Trayvon was black just like me, just like my family, just like MY SON.  He died innocently while wearing a hoodie.  Clothing never justifies any person’s death.  This is a case of hate.  It was a hate crime as Zimmerman pursued this scared young man while calling him an F-ing COON.  Coon is a racist word for those who don’t know, directed toward black people.  This means that Zimmerman should be charged under hate crimes law, not walking free to kill again.

Justice for Trayvon.  Justice for all of us who wear hoodies in our beautiful brown skin.  We rocked our hoodies at Finlay Park in SC.

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