Realize That You Are Limitless And Loved!

by Mirika C on August 3, 2012


To realize your potential we have to realize that God made us all limitless.  In eternity, we were all founded, from the dust man was formed, and from the man woman came forth, but it was all from God’s own hands and God’s own plan.

Realize that first one must never underestimate oneself regardless of circumstances or situations because the real war is within oneself.  As soon as we conquer negative thoughts and emotions, then we can all elevate to the guiltless and positive place Jesus died to give us all as we live here on earth.

We were all bought with a price.  Jesus died for all of us, and it cost Him his earthly life.  This makes us slaves to freedom and eternal life, bound to grace and mercy, chained to limitless potential and lifelong fearlessness, and soon enough, the smooth sounds of paradise.

So, we have literally all our lives, here and in eternity, to enjoy ourselves, maximize, spread our wings and soar!  Make the most of yourselves because God made the most of us, and Jesus put His life on it.

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