Writer Perspective: Why Coming In “SECOND PLACE” Can Work IN YOUR FAVOR

by Mirika C on December 7, 2016



I remember there was a female in junior high school that I could never beat in a sprint.  This girl was super fast.  Not to discount how fast I was, but this young lady was the fastest runner I’d ever seen at that point to stand next to me at the mark. I always, and I mean always, came in second place no matter what when I sprinted with her.  Eventually, if I had to run against her, I would just think “at least I’m about to get second place” even before the race kicked off and the dust went up.  I just knew that by mid-run, she would get this second burst of who knows what and beat me every time.  She was just that fast.

So what does a person do when they continuously lose or come in second?  There are plenty of things to do, but the one thing never to do is GIVE UP.  Keep training, keep running, especially if it is what you love, and also keep being grateful to be in the number of those who you may be able to learn from.  I write all this because in this book publishing business, there are many self published authors who feel like they are on the losing end and really do want to give up.  The way I see it is that sometimes, the losing end is the absolute best place to be in the beginning.  Here’s why:



When walking, most people don’t look backwards constantly, but forward.  Knowing this means that those who are ahead of you aren’t paying attention to anything except getting further ahead and doing better.  If you are standing behind, you are also moving forward as well, but you also have the advantage of watching the person ahead of you, their mistakes and mishaps, their moves, etc, so that you can prepare in advance for your turn to reach your goals.

Second place is a great place to keep studying.  There is this saying to surround yourself with successful people.  It’s wise to do this so that you can learn from them.  The most successful person you know and even the most successful fighter had, and maybe even still has, a coach that has been there and done that.  If not a coach, there is someone who dropped a line or gave them a couple notes along the way that pushed them into a better position.  Either way, being in second or third place isn’t all that bad.  It just depends on what you do while there.


Sometimes, winners slow down and get comfortable, especially if they continuously come in first place.  This is what you don’t want to happen.  Most times, it’s best never to see yourself as “the ultimate” because pride will settle in and then comes that great fall because carelessness is a CREEP.

Seeing yourself as able to do better, or in second place, will force you to strive even harder.  Therefore always find something more to work toward.  Besides, you will be shocked that even though you may see yourself in second place, there are others who see you in first because long and short term goals are vastly different to each individual.

Therefore, consider yourself ALWAYS is a great position for yourself and others, even if you haven’t crossed YOUR finished line in first place.  You’ve actually crossed into first place in someone else’s view who may be watching or learning from you.  You’re still a WINNER who is pushing toward even BIGGER things, knowing that you aren’t doing it solely for yourself but for others coming after you.  Keep writing even if you aren’t a best seller.   Someone is inspired by just knowing you finished a book!


Another thing, while you aren’t a best seller yet and have only sold ten books ALL YEAR LONG, there is no better time to expand your personal library of projects.  You may not see the reason for releasing three more books when the first one isn’t selling, but here is the awesome perspective behind it – whenever one of those books do start selling really well, that same audience will have more of your books to choose from!  Thus, you are able to serve more to your growing audience instead of not having anymore books for them to read.

So, never consume yourself with making the best sellers list immediately, or getting first place the first time at the mark.  It’s worked out better for many authors when they arrive later in the game when they have more books to offer, leading much more success.


Well, those are my thoughts for today.  Losing is about winning anyway because at least you are IN THE RACE!  Everyone can’t say that…yet.


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