So Nivea Bashed Black Culture With Their Men’s Ad, Huh?

So Nivea Bashed Black Culture With Their Men’s Ad, Huh?

Posted on by Mirika C

So Nivea decided to release a Look Like You Give A D–n ad telling in particular black men to re-civilize which, no matter what Nivea says, was culturally insensitive.  Nivea did apologize for the men’s ad they released stating that they would never use the ad again and didn’t mean to offend.  Actually, with some research, I found that the word is that a black man who works at Nivea approved the ad.

Whatever.  Fact of the matter is that the ad is considered extremely racist, and gladly, Nivea has pulled it.  On another note, I am an African American woman who has never used a chemical to straighten my hair.  Take note of my roots and beyond in the photos below.

The most I have done is a blow dry, which I no longer do, flat iron and pressing comb.  I stopped blow drying my hair because, to me, there was no point when it could dry naturally over the course of the day.  From there, it is the flat iron, pressing comb or both.

While my hair dries from a normal wash and conditioning, it generally looks like this at the root.  MOST African Americans, Africans, black people or even “mixed” black people will have either a tight curl or a wavy curl from the root to the tip of their natural hair.

This is the type of curl that could eventually be used for an afro, dread-lock, twists or any other of variety of African American hair styles to date.  Bottom line is that the black person has the most unique type of hair on the planet, even to be considered POSH is my opinion because anyone and everyone can’t style it when it is in it’s natural form.

That being stated, I love my hair, and always have.  Straight or curly or even in a fro.  Nivea, instead of seemingly bashing unique appearances, could learn much from the African/African American when it comes to hair.  For the most part, braids, dreads, a short fro, or just a fro period are some of the easiest get up and go forms of the natural styles, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the straight styles either from resulting from a pressing comb, blow drying or flat iron.  It’s all about the person and what fits best for that person’s lifestyle and desires for their hair – straight or curly.  People have a NATURAL right to look how they feel when it comes to hair.

Relaxers are even cool for some people, though I tend to stray away from chemicals because they just aren’t my thing.  Chemicals in relaxers not only remain on the scalp but enter into the body via the scalp and even via fumes that are in shops, many times resulting in health issues down the line.

Furthermore back on that Nivea mess, black people DO “give a D–N” (as they captioned in the ad), but what some fail to understand is that thre3 are people, possibly at Nivea, who truly don’t understand any culture’s independence from the rest of the world with their unique type hair.  As far as black people’s hair, we have unlike any other, and personally, every culture has a certain qualities about their hair that shouldn’t be dogged out but accepted as GRAND!

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