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Mirika Mayo Cornelius, author/bloggerI’ve been writing professionally since 2002 as far as having a book published and it moving through the public market at a steady rate, sometimes up, and sometimes down, but there is movement. This is the reality of any self-published author. There are great months and then there are months that aren’t as great as the last as far as the motion your book or books make in the market.

I can be honest about it because that’s exactly what it is. It’s the reality of any situation that you can think of from marriage to health to even finances. Circumstances and situations change over time, and this doesn’t exclude the literary market. Particular genres become more popular than others in what feels like overnight or a book that was written by an author ten years ago that got absolutely no movement in the market suddenly becomes a best seller out of seemingly nowhere.

Curse the CottonIt is in these real life events that sort of prove truth, however, to the fabricating author (and I’m talking about the LIE type of fabrication not the CONSTRUCTION type of fabrication), this isn’t so. A fabricating writer is what no author wants to become -ever. Why? I’ll list 3 major reasons below:

  • Someone, somewhere, may eventually pull your card.

Don’t say you live in a mansion with a ten car garage, and someone posts a photo of you living in someplace nice but much smaller.  Don’t say you sold out of books at the book festival when someone noticed you packing up books to leave the venue.  There is nothing wrong with simple stating “I left my house (no description) and went to the book festival where I sold a good number of books.  I had a great time.”  Don’t give room for anyone to fetch your lie for you and feed it to you.  The lies aren’t worth it, and you’ll find out why near the end of this article.

  • It’s embarrassing…for everyone watching.

Have you ever watched someone while they lie…and I mean reeealllly stretch that lie long and freaking wide?  You begin to feel pressured, especially when you know beyond plenty shadows of plenty doubts that the person is really trippin’.    This pressure is called embarrassment because it’s making you feel awkward because you aren’t rude nor do you want to bust a bubble and let the air out of a terrific fantasy.

Of course, the person telling the lie is oblivious to the fact that you know the facts.  Yes, you went to the book festival, but you weren’t the main event.  You actually sneaked on stage, got behind the microphone before the public went inside, took plenty photos and left undetected.  Then, when the featured author went inside to speak later that day, you went as well, stood up at the side of the stage and took pics of the awesome crowd that came to see “you”.  How these thousands of people know who you are is questionable…being that it is your debut book and only been out for one full week and no one knew it was even coming out.

Don’t lie…especially lie this badly.

  • Your word is no longer your bond.

Instead of over-glorifying yourself, allow what you produce to speak for you. Remain humble and don’t ever try to make the masses believe something that you honestly can’t prove because it was all a big lie you made up to attract attention.  You want your word to be your bond…period.  If you achieve something, the work will show it.  People are attracted to honest people, but once they find out you aren’t authentic, they question everything…including your projects.

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With those items being stated, it is the voice of the singer that moves people, not how much they talk about how they can sing.  It is the skill in front of the camera that makes actors famous, not how much they say they can act.  It’s the architect’s design that showcases his skill, not how much he discusses his grades in school.  It is the work of the writer/author that  makes him a creator, not how much he talks about how he can write.


Instead of becoming a fabricator, wanting people to believe you are someone one you aren’t YET, try to actually BECOME the professional you want to be.  That way, your work will speak for you, leaving you with nothing to lie about.  :-)

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