The First Grader Is A Movie That Brings Both Old And Young Together In Love And Passion For People And Education!

by Mirika C on June 22, 2012


I recently ran across this film, The First Grader, and just had the opportunity to watch the complete movie. The film was absolutely fabulous! Taking place in Kenya, Africa, it’s about an 84 year old man who wanted to enroll in a school that was promoted as a school for everyone by the government, but in reality, it was a school for children.

The reason for the man, whose name is Kimani N’gan’ga Maruge, wanting to enroll in elementary school is because his early life couldn’t afford him to do so. Maruge iss a freedom fighter, and at this particular time at his old age, he is fighting for the right to read.

The First Grader is a true story which follows Maruge in his struggles in school, public opinion of him, and even his constant hardships recalling the events of his family being killed before his very eyes. All of these things impact Maruge, however, it doesn’t stop him from moving forward to conquer what is meant for him. Many lives are effected by Maruge, from children to adults and the full educational system.

Watch The First Grader movie trailer below:

Now meet the real man, Kimani N’gan’ga Maruge, who survived the Mau Mau revolt and can now read and write and see the world!

God bless him.  This is a mighty story for all young people to learn that it’s never to late to do what you desire and to use that for good.  The story is so touching that all young boys and girls should watch and begin to know the importance of what many now take for granted – the basics of reading and writing, natural love and caring for someone else’s well-being, and raising children with passion for goals while overcoming deathly obstacles.

Super movie and man.

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