Three Ways To Make Your Book Successful On The Market

by Mirika C on July 18, 2013


People define success various ways.  When it comes to being an author and publishing a book, two forms of success come if the book is great and it is readily available to readers.  There are countless people who actually given up on writing or being a published author not because they didn’t have their project already bound and ready, online or otherwise, but because the story was horrible or too boring or the author simply didn’t have the means of getting their work into the hands of the proper audience.

Now, selling millions of copies doesn’t exactly equal success.  An author can be fairly successful without any glitz, glam or lights.  As a matter of fact, there are various authors now that have neighbors who would never know that they struck it rich or are making a decent living as an author.  Enough of that though, the facts are that any book can be successful, even a book written about grass, if the author sticks to these three ingredients.

Don’t Bore With Weak Pointless Narration

There is nothing worse than being able to turn three pages in a book and an author is still talking about an ant on the tree that was making its way up the end of the leaf on the withered branch.  Get the flip on with it.  Really?  Any book that does this is in a sad attempt to elongate the book to make the projected pages necessary to break novella or novel status, either one.

Narration doesn’t have to be full of drama, but it can be full of passion, taking the reader there.  Now, let’s say that I was writing about a crazy ant that just had to get to the end of the leaf on a withered branch on a stormy day.  That ant would go through so much turmoil, that the joy at the end would make a heart pounding book.  This is what narration is supposed to be.  It should bring elements to the story that wouldn’t come through DIALOG because, let’s face it, dialog really isn’t everything.  Even in a movie, pretend the narration is the background. The dialog in the movie Halloween wouldn’t have been as scary if there were flowers everywhere, the sun was shining and the background music was Snoop Dogg’s What’s My Name?  It would have been a freaking comedy.

Evoke emotion in the narration, and the whole book will sell itself.

 Be Socially Real

Pretending to be someone that you actually aren’t is a total fail.  Never visit your future with a fantasy because in the end someone will pull that string and let the hot air blow loose from the bag.  Social media is a thing for literally everyone, even those who used to be untouchable such as Janet Jackson and even Beyonce.  Yes, social media is the way of communication, and if you aren’t there in a very real way, not many people are going to know what yeck you’re doing unless they pick up a LATE magazine or paper.

Blogs and social media are the most on time and up to date source you will find, and the best part about it is that we can become fans of one another.  Yes, celebrities who don’t mind chatting become fans of their fans and vice versa.  This creates loyalty for the most part and a great word of mouth which is the fastest, least expensive way to spread the word to make your book successful on the market.  The thing to remember is to not be someone you’re not.  Word of mouth is a truth teller.

 Remain Relevant

You must have some sort of life.  True, all authors do is write.  Fine, I said it.  However, don’t turn down speaking engagements and parties just because you want to write all the time.  Just as much as writing, it helps if an author has something of value to share and say with the public at any particular point in time.  Fill in a gap or void by giving back where you are passionate, even if it’s book related and helping others climb to the next level.  Throw online sessions or rent out a room for a packed house for those wanting to learn the how to’s of this industry.  Relevance is key to not being absent before your next book drops because you stay in the minds of all readers.

And those are just three things that any and all authors can do to assist in propelling their books and themselves further up the road to success in their writing careers.

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