by Mirika C on October 25, 2016


(I just got stressed out, so I wrote this poem to soothe myself momentarily. Writing on three things at once can become chaos mentally.  It sounds counterproductive to write to relieve stress from writing.  However, it’s not.  I feel better just writing about it.   I thank God I can.  I love to pray, and I love to write.  They go together.  My brain is going non-stop…honestly.  :-))

TickTock Non Stop


It’s non-stop.  The commotion is always in motion, letters stacked and rooms packed with stories, every nightmare and fairy-tale.  They just go tick tock like the stroke of a clock but the mechanism never runs down or out of ideas to make it stop.  It knocks straight through my slumber and drives my active mind with the only pause at meditation… then there it goes non-stop again.


It’s non-stop.  Like it’s scared to quit as my hand grips the chance at relief and my fingers lift the belief that I can’t stop, elevating it to levels of pain.  Stress becomes migraines and when there’s nothing left to soothe the prolific desires of my imagination, I’m attacked again with frustration until I write.  Win the fight against…


Deadlines.  When will I rest, make time to digress from the stain of the insane energy I put in?  When, I ask, will it end, but I know it won’t because that will be like choking me out, stealing my own ability and watching it fade about before my very soul.  I’m supposed to do this until I grow old, amongst the other things that God allows me to be, I will continue to be them and this because writing is me.

Non-stop.  Tick Tock.


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