Today Is Your First Destination, A Brand New Place To Explore…

Today Is Your First Destination, A Brand New Place To Explore…

Posted on by Mirika C

There should be a moment in everyone’s life where we see that rising in the morning, after a full day of yesterday, is a day and place that we have never been before. Sure, most people connect travel with walking, flying or driving a certain mileage away and seeing particular objects and things that they haven’t seen in a long time or ever before. However, when waking up to the blessing of a new day, we should all consider that it is a new place, a special place in time, a gift given by the Almighty God. Inside this place, this new morning and new day, this is the best place in travel that we could come to on earth.

A new day brings endless possibilities of change, new steps, new turns in life for the better. It allows past mistakes, yes yesterday’s errors, to erase with your own personal eraser of forgiveness and repentance, to move on and make the new place in today even better and more worthwhile. Now that today is a new place, decide what you want inside of today for yourself and for others around you. The next thing is to make your special new day happen to the best of your ability, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your walk.

For instance, this morning, when I woke up, everything was so brand new to me. I woke up and immediately thanked God, and then, I went in to kiss my sleeping child who, although is of elementary school age, looked to me like he just got here. (He did, it’s a new day.) Then as I washed, dressed and came downstairs after a moment of prayer, I decided that this morning, I need to exercise. Therefore, I jogged, as running has always been one of my favorite things to do. I’d gotten out of the habit, so I picked up a great habit again today. It was a simple as that.  Not only that, I decided to be better, pray harder, and focus on the good I can become in life.

Finally, I decided to write this blog post to encourage everyone, including myself, that whether you are skinny or overweight, short or tall, poor or rich, sad or depressed, today is a new day. God has brought you here inside a new place in time. It may only appear that you are in the same place, but really, everything is new for you this day to start BETTER than the yesterdays where you have already been.  If you want new and better experiences or thoughts to come into your mind and life, bring them into your today.  Make your today worth every moment.

Everyone doesn’t have the money or time to travel in a physical manner, however, never forget that today is always your first destination.  If you are reading this, welcome.  You have gotten here just fine.  Make great things happen, and enjoy your today.  It’s a great place to be.

– Mirika Mayo Cornelius

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