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Unlikeable by Mirika Mayo Cornelius

There are no two ways to spell it. I’m what you call unlikeable because I speak my mind all the time, and whenever I try and hold it back, it comes to the roof of my mouth and then to the tip of my tongue, freedom breaks the chains of my internal structure, and it comes pouring out, one word after another.  They sit there and listen to my distressing words, be they the truth or not lying down enough. That’s all they’ve got to hear whenever I draw near, making me so unlikeable.

I’ve tried to edit my posture, sit with my back up straight and shorten my gait, you know, hide my stride as if it won’t be visualized and then brutalized.  I’ve attempted to do this over and over again, but then I would start to bend and my walk wouldn’t look so presentable to the naked eyes that watch me and how I go against the grain.  Dang…at least I tried, but I can no longer remain hidden, concerned about being disliked or despised. What is inside must always pour out into bowls.

I suppose that’s why the good Lord made us with holes.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just too bold.  How dare I tell you when you’re dead wrong or when I speak up against the injustices on the streets or inside your own office, hiding your crimes behind a suit doesn’t mean you can call me a brute.  At least I can say that my money isn’t all funny, and myself, I don’t have to conceal just to make a transaction that leaves whole neighborhoods packing but millions of extra dollars in my pocket?  You walk around like an adjustable rate, not fixed on anything except your pockets and how to keep your lies straight.  You’re double-minded as hell, yeah, hell is like that, too, functioning just like Satan trying to get people to do what you want them to do, so you can strip their lives from beneath them, making crooked laws so you can deplete them.

I see your ways, and I know you see mine which is why you have called me ignorant, stupid and just plain black from time to time, like that last adjective is so bad.  You mad?  Wait a minute, I’m sorry, I just put you in a rage as a result of the truth uncaged, but this is what the truth in freedom sounds like, walks like and talks like, moves like and grooves like, commands like and stands like.  But that’s exactly why it’s like…


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